Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday 4.s

Over at, Toni @ a visit from Friends , on Tuesday's she does Tuesday Meme's 4.  I enjoyed reading her answers and thought I would do one today, and maybe every Tuesday.

Here we go....

1. Favorite Outfit to wear. 

Slacks and t-shirts because t-shirts are so comfortable!

            2.  Favorite Hair Color and Style. 

Silver, because that's what God has blessed me with, and short and easy to fix.

3.  Favorite Kind of Shoes.

        I am a barefoot kind of girl, but comfortable ones if I do wear any, usually thick sole walking shoes.                            

4. Favorite ways to Relax

 I like to sit in my wing back chair alone in my guest room, quietly reading my Bible or Daily Journal.

Drop by and visit Toni and read her answers.

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Hi Sylvia, I'm so glad you're joining in :) Here's my answers:
    1. Favorite Outfit To Wear: Comfortable tunics or t-shirts and slacks.

    2. Favorite Hair Color & Style: Blonde (or silver blonde as I call myself now LOL) and medium shag or pixie in the summer.

    3. Favorite Kind Of Shoes: Sandals, loafer types or ankle boots in winter. I stopped wearing high heels a few years ago as I'm more into comfortable shoes now.

    4. Favorite Ways To Relax: In my recliner with a cup of coffee or by my laptop writing poetry or blogging, or watching TV and my DVDs. I also read hardcover books to relax.

    Have a day of blessings my friend.

  2. what a fun post...loved reading your Tuesday 4's...
    1. Tunics and leggings
    2. Silver and short (reminds me to call my girl for a haircut today)
    3. Bobs (Sketchers)
    4. Work with my potted plants and the little garden (summertime)..Reading and blogging in the Winter.

  3. Sylvia, I like flowy tops over skinny jeans or slacks. I dye my hair auburn and wear it in a low pulled back ponytail. I wear sneakers and low heeled shoes. I like to be with Ted, or friends....but most with my daughters and their children. I guess I just am an old version of how I used to be. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I've got snow on the rooftop, too! 👵 I can't do heels, so it's flats for church. Love sandals and walking shoes. Don't really have a favorite outfit, but I do love skirts.....long flowy skirts! Fun meme.

  5. Very interesting! I think most of us just love casual outfits now. I'm with you regarding the hair. Too much trouble to color it and it is what God intended for me anyhow. Have a great day.

  6. When I'm at home, I'm barefooted. In the winter I will put on some socks, but if I'm at home you won't find me in shoes! Enjoyed your answers...hope you've had a great day!

  7. I enjoyed your answers. My hair is silver and short - I am all about easy these days! I love tee shirts (with no tags in the neck!) and I almost always have on shoes. Even when I was a child, I wore socks/shoes.

  8. This is interesting stuff! I wear capris and t-shirts all the time now that I am retired. I have "house clothes" that I wear in the house because I tend to dribble tea and get stains on my shirts...or get grease when cooking or other stains...so I don't wear good clothes in the house...trying to save my good shirts for outside wear until they get stained and become house shirts! LOL. My hair used to be red, (auburn), but is more of a brown-auburn with streaks of gray. I keep it fairly short and permed lately---makes it easier to deal with each day. Favorite shoes are skechers go-walk shoes. So comfy. Favorite way to relax, in my wingback recliner with a good book, usually Christian fiction and Bible/devotional reading, and with a cup of hot tea or iced tea. This was fun. Thanks for asking!

  9. Enjoyed reading your answers. It is a fun way to get to know people isn't it?
    I will give this a try tomorrow I think


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