Monday, November 6, 2017

We Waited Impatiently

Good Monday morning,
I love fall and all the beautiful color
it brings....but if only we could learn
to wait more patiently for them to come each

We waited patiently  impatiently
for the leaves to turn.
Now they are falling to the ground.

Have a Blessed Fall Day!


Karen said...

Yes, strong wind really brought the leaves down yesterday evening here. I like to hear them crunch under my feet.

Anonymous said...

You always have the prettiest and most uplifting posts, Sylvia. Our leaves are falling fast today. It is warm enough to sit on the porch, though and I am enjoying it. xoxo

Debbie Harris said...

Here you are enjoying the ending of your beautiful Autumn colors and ours have all been raked up ready for winter to set in.
It's been trying to snow now for a couple of days and today it may just happen. A good day to be by the fire with a cup of tea.

Enjoy the remainder of your day, sweet lady~

Lisa said...

The leaves are so pretty when they are falling. I like walking through them on the sidewalk while enjoying that certain smell they have.

Nonnie said...

Fall and changing colors are something I look forward to and so enjoy every tree or group of trees around here as I too wait patiently for them to turn. saturfwy we had a chance to see falling leaves and it was so pleasant.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Sometimes life is like that...we wait and wait for something and then it happens and is over so quickly we are raking up the "leaves" and wondering how it was over so quickly...We need to treasure every moment while we can.

Michele said...

I'm afraid out weather has been much too wonky for our signature incredible tree colors this fall - and we have had sooooo much rain after not having any - so it's an odd one this year.

Sorry yours just fell all dried up. : - (

Big hugs! ♥

Sandi said...


NanaDiana said...

We had such a short season this year and not nearly as colorful as other years. The leaves changed and the weather changed and heavy winds and rain and the leaves were down with not much time to enjoy them. Blessings to you- xo Diana

bj said...

Hi, Sylvia...thanks for stopping by.
Out here in West Texas, we don't have very much color changes...we've had a delightful fall so far as the weather has been beautiful.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Seasons come and go so quickly! I try to enjoy them as they come! Pretty colors to enjoy that don't last long but sure are beautiful!

Toni said...

Love the photos and one of my favorite verses Sylvia.

A Joyful Chaos said...

The beautiful colored leaves don't seem to stay very long. Enjoyed your post.


Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, the leaves are falling here too, and we had a few days of rain! Thank you for this gentle verse about waiting.