Monday, March 11, 2013


Every year on the second weekend of March there is a  yard sale that starts about 30 minutes from my home and goes all the way down HWY 341 to Brunswick,Georgia. It is called "Peaches to the Beaches" .   Each year we try to go as far as we can, this pass Friday we went to 5 towns which was around 100 miles one way.  I found a few pieces to add to my collection.

This lead crystal pitcher caught my eye and of course it came home with me. It didn't show up too good in the college above so thought I'd show it by itself.  The cup and saucer was stamped "INTRADA   made in Italy".  The small plate goes good with my collection of red roses dishes, of course I just love roses and what woman doesn't.  The lamp was a great fine and looks great in my guest bedroom. The best  of all I only paid $13.00 for everything!

This is the town of  Perry, one of the stops on our trip.

Since we were going to be gone all day we took Madi with us, she loves to ride and she is happy as long as she's with us. I put her pillow she sleeps on when we go off behind the seat of the truck and off we went.

I am thankful that the weather is warming up so we can get out more. 




  1. WOW! What an amazing idea- never heard of anything like that. What a fun treat for you- love your treasures and your pup is just too sweet!!

  2. Little Madi is a little sweetheart Sylvia !
    Your yard sale day sounds amazing. I wish we had something like that around my part of the world. Your finds are so lovely x

  3. What a lovely way to spend a day. I feel like I was there with you. Loved your great finds! Thank you for sharing this with us. Spring is on its way...I feel it coming closer every day! Yippee!!

  4. 100 miles? Wow, what a great adventure! Madi is precious!

  5. Ohh I love your cute little Maddi. Her pink sweater is adorable. My dogs love going for car rides too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day treasure hunting. I love the pretty lamp and crystal dish. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh what a sweet baby girl you have there! I wish our dogs loved riding but they hate it, both of them. We have a beagle and a toy poodle (MY baby) and they both whine and cry the whole time, plus they shake and pant. So we only take them with us when we have to.

    We used to have a beagle named "Madi" too! We lost her to cancer years ago. She was a sweet dog. Is your little girl a Chihuahua?

    How fun to have such a big yard sale to go to. I love it when the weather gets warmer, as you said, and the yard sales start popping up! Thanks for the visit and the follow and I am following you back! :)

  7. Oh how fun! And look at the lead crystal pitcher - it's stunning! Madi is such a cutie :)

    Love and hugs,


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