Friday, September 6, 2013

A Quiet Day




  1. Oh how beautiful, Syl.

    YOU have a wonderful weekend, dear!


  2. Beautiful photos!!!

    Re: Your comment in my blog, concerning books you love...

    The nice thing about "A Rather Lovely Inheritance" by C.A. Belmond, is that there are 3 more books, in this series. So you do get to find out, what's going on (onward) in the lives, of the first book's characters! :-)

    I have a hold on the 2nd book now, at my library. Hope I like it as much, as I liked the first.


  3. Hey, you have the same butterflies I have here in Florida! Aren't they beautiful? I have enjoyed them so much! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Thanks for sharing a butterfly in your garden, it's beautiful. We've had so much rain this summer, there haven't been many about.

  5. Hello, my beautiful friend! Your photos are so pretty! Butterflies always make me smile :)

    Have a lovely Monday, Sylvia. Hugs to you!

  6. Goodness me, if I had taken these photos of a tiger swallowtail, I would be one happy woman!!
    Did you know if this butterfly has blue at the bottom, it is a female? If is all black at the bottom, it is a male. HA! I am such an expert, I just looked it up! :-)

  7. Oh Sylvia I just love how you captured the grace of that butterfly! Your roses are stunning too.


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