Thursday, September 26, 2013


 Maybe I'm rushing fall but I did think that I've been hearing everyone talking about and wishing everyone a happy Fall!
            This morning we (hubby & I) went out looking for pumpkins and didn't find any.  We didn't go to a grocery store so maybe that's why there was not a one to be found.  The stands along the road usually have them, not a one could be found.  We did find mums galore but even at 11:00 the stand were not open.

We stopped to go into the Antique store (above) and I did find a pretty teacup with blue flowers on it and had to restrain myself from buying it.  I always regret that choice, now I wish I had it.

The pine trees are dropping there needles and there are plenty of persimmon's on our trees but the hardwood trees haven't started to turn yet.

We did enjoy a ride in the countryside, where cows were grazing in the pasture and hay was stacked neatly under cover, ready for winter.

I love seeing old buildings.  This is the courthouse in a nearby town.

Callaway Gardens Country Store and Restaurant made out of stone.

Look at the detail of this B&B.  My husband and I stayed here in 2010 for our anniversary.  It was filled with antiques, teacups and teapots.  We loved it, but the owners told us that the next night would be their last night for they were selling it.  It is still a B&B but run by different people.

Guess my porch will have to stay bear until I get to the grocery store and maybe by then they will have "Pumpkins"!




  1. Oh I'm so sorry that you couldn't find lots of pumpkins for sale, "in your neck of the woods." We do have lots for sale, in "our neck of the woods." (Upper NYS) But you had a delightful ride, looking for them! Oh that stone building... And that lovely B&B. We used to love to stay in B&B's, when we could drive places.

    Anyway, the other day, we went to a favorite local Autumn place... This nursery sets up, what they call "The Pumpkin Patch," at this time of year. It's great for children, for taking pictures, for getting a pumpkin, and for getting "in the mood." :-)

    And......... For providing me with pics-to-blog, of course! :-))))


    1. Tessa, we have the "Pumpkin Patch" here also but I guess it's too early for them here in the south. I'll be looking out for them! :)

  2. Hey Syl, your pine trees lose their needles? Really?

    Nice post, but I cannot get that line out of my head.

    Ours stay, well, "evergreen" all year...I thought all of them did?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Wow, you have such self-control when it comes to tea cups :) I tend to buy them too kitchen is getting too full, but of course I always find room. It is certainly feeling like Fall here, maybe more like Winter. We had snow and rain today and it's quite cold out. Have a great weekend, darling friend. Love you!

  4. Good morning Sylvia,
    There is no shortage of pumpkins around here. Hope you can find some soon. The B&B is beautiful and it must have been lovely to spend some time there with your loved one. Have a beautiful day.


  5. Pumpkins and mums were late in coming around here this year. A couple of days ago I noticed pumpkins for sale and what mums I did see were in pretty bad shape! Looks like a beautiful area you live in!


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