Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day Trip

A few days ago, my hubby and I took a trip up to the North Georgia mountains,  to the town of Ellajay, just at  the start of the mountains.

 The only thing is driving through Atlanta.  The traffic is so "bad", not at all like in my little town in Central Georgia.  It's a different kind of driving too.  My hubby drove a semi for 8 years in Atlanta and now he doesn't even want to drive there.

We passed Turner field where the Atlanta Braves plays.  "Go Braves" , they just won the National League Eastern Division title.

The ride and views, once we got to the mountains were pretty.  It was worth the two hour drive, although we both said from now on we would go south.  We love the mountains and when our 3 girls were young, we'd go every year.  It's always beautiful in the fall.  The leaves haven't started turning yet and we may try to go again in October (but maybe not).

This is were we went.. the Red Apple Barn, my hubby saw it on the news as a one tank trip, so off we went.

It wasn't as big as we had imagine it to be, but was quiet nice, inside it was filled with all kinds of goodies.

We bought Apple Bread, Apples and Chow Chow.  The bread was so good with butter on it and heated a few seconds in the microwave.. I did have tea with it but didn't take any pictures. Shame on me!

The ride back home wasn't much better, even though we tried to go back at a better time,,,not rush hour.




  1. I've never been to the mountains but always thought I'd like to some day, closest I came to it was my trip to Pennsylvania, saw lots of hills!

  2. Looks like a lovely trip, Sylvia, and those apples look huge! :) So glad you shared with us, friend - thinking of you.

    Love ya!

  3. That view through Atlanta is so familiar! We make it almost every summer!

  4. I understand your reluctance to travel through Atlanta...but any other way would have been more than one tank! I would so love to go pick some fresh apples, or even buy some just picked! How I miss that! Enjoy fall in Ga. for me!

  5. A delightful day trip. But I fully understand the unwillingness to drive on certain roads. Isn't it a shame, that the "only way to" some wonderful places, is by use of some awful roads.

    Same is true of Cape Cod. We used to always enjoy our autumn trips to Cape Cod and the beach. Yearly. Wonderful. But with my husband's deteriorating eyesight, he simply can't drive the roads "around" Boston. And there is no other way to get to the Cape. -pout- We have to be content, with wonderful memories. :-)


  6. Hi Sylvia... what a fun place to visit!... I just love little out of the way places like that... I hope you find some pumpkins today for your porch... Autumn is sooo beautiful!... love all the colors of Fall... I will always love the traditional Fall colors... don't understand some of these women who cringe at orange and golds, rusts and crimsons... that's what Fall is all about!... looking forward to seeing your porch all decorated, xoxo Julie Marie


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