Friday, December 6, 2013

Let the Decorating Begin!

I was at the Dairy Queen yesterday and they had this Santa painted on their window.  I just had to take a picture of it since it looked so cute.

I think I have gotten about finished with my decorating.  I have three sets of Christmas dishes and having trouble deciding on which one to set out.  My tree is decorated and finished.  I have always had a 7 to 10 foot tree, but this year I chose to put up the 4 ft. one.

We were out shopping this week and saw this fiber optic angel and I just had to have her. (I really didn't want to go through 50 dozen boxes to find mine).

I love angels, here are a some photo's of my decorations.

I always have to put a small tree in the Den with candy canes on it.  They will all be gone when the grands come for a visit. But that's the reason for them,,,gotta keep the grands SWEET!

I even decorated Madi, but she wasn't so happy about having a Jingle Bell necklace and cap on.



  1. -clapping hands- What a wonderful job of decorating, you have done!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing all these photos, with us.

    But don't stop now! You can continue to take pics of all of them, in different light, and at different times of day or night. -grin- I know! I'm a nut, about pics of Christmas decorations! :-)))))))))))))))))))

    But it's really a short season. Why not inundate ourselves with the sparkle and glitter and bright colors and pretty-pretty-pretty?

  2. Madi is being such a good sport too!:). Everything looks pretty ad usual mama!

  3. Madi is being such a good sport too!:). Everything looks pretty ad usual mama!

  4. hahhha, Madi looks sooo cute...but not too happy. :)
    Your tree is beautiful as well as all your other decorations.
    We use a 4 ft tree, too. Like you, we always had a 7 ft. but it got to bee too hard to put up, take down and store. I LOVE our little tabletop tree...

  5. Hmm, must be an age thing downsizing to a 4' tree. I see bj has and so did we several years ago. :-)
    Your home looks very festive, even your sweet Madi.

  6. Oh such fun! I love your angels and all the other lovely things too. Would you like to come finish my decorating for me? (I should say, START my decorating?) I hope to do it tomorrow after church. We shall see. I have lots of good intentions that aren't getting very far these days. But you have inspired me to get moving. Thank you. Your home looks warm and cozy and ready for Christmas!


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