Friday, December 13, 2013

My Small Town

My small town may  be small but it was voted one of "America's Best Small Town's".  
I often go to other towns that I enjoy but this week I decided to shop in the town where I live. I live in the County but that's ok and good!  My daughter met me and her daddy and we spent the day shopping and had lunch together.

This is the Courthouse. Isn't it decorated pretty!

This is my favorite store.

In front of store.

We just stepped inside, what a Great place.

Look what caught my eye!!

Had to have it!

"Spode" Christmas Time
This is my first piece of it, but won't be my last!
Diana over at posted pictures of her collection. Take a look, she has a large collection.

When I got home I had to have my tea in it.

Enjoying the morning. Hope you're having a 

Blessed One!



  1. Wonderful to shop, in one's own home town!

    Thank you for sharing some pictures, of it. Betcha' there are loads more pics of your town, you could share. :-)

    Oh gracious, that tea cup and saucer are lovely. What a beginning, of a collection. Yummy....

    Keep warm!

  2. The courthouse is as pretty as can be! And what a neat shop! The tea cup and saucer is so sweet! Thank you for sharing your pictures! You've inspired me to visit some of the shops in my little town today.

  3. Neat town and wonderful old Spode - how festive and awesome.

    Wonderful post and I am so happy for you.

    Have a blessed weekend, Syl. Hugs.

  4. Oh Sylvia your little township looks like a picture !
    I'd be in that antique store weekly if I lived
    Thankyou for your sweet comment, it is good to be back and even better to have a computer again.
    Your blog looks AMAZING, you have changed it so much since last time I visited. Well done !
    Have a beautiful day xo

  5. Oh, I do love your beautiful cup and saucer....just this morning,I got out all my C'mas mugs for C'mas Eve...will set up a Hot Drink Station and have all my thrifted, pretty little cups for everyone to use.
    We do C'mas Eve here with, salad and desserts this year. Am so looking forward to having all my family here.
    I love your pretty little town...and there's just something about courthouses that I've always just loved...yours is so pretty.

  6. What a beautiful town!! Love that store and your "new" tea cup is lovely!!

    Thanks for your visit!!


  7. Hi Sylvia! Your sweet town looks so pretty for Christmas. I love driving around town looking at all of the decorations. And your tea cup is lovely! I can see why it caught your eye - it's a beauty :)

    Love and hugs to you!


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