Wednesday, January 15, 2014


As you drive around in the country side, do you ever wonder about the people that lived in these old homes!  I do, It's sad to see them all empty and forgotten. This one is up the street from where I live, I pass it every time I go to town.  I rode by it again today and just had to get a photo of it.  I'm glad the owners haven't torn it down, if they did we wouldn't get to enjoy it.  It gets me to thinking. This one is a house but looks as if it has some type of pen attached to it. Was it pigs or goats or maybe a pony for their child!

Here's an old barn that's a little farther up the road, it's about to fall down.  Did cattle or  horses once stay warm in it on those cold winter nights long ago.

This building, what do you think it once was, a place where the farmers worked, stored their goods or did it house animals?

This Old Griss Mill actually still has the wheel attached to it, but the direction that I was driving I couldn't get  a picture of it. It saddens my heart to see it neglected.

Enjoy this day the Lord has given us and be blessed!
(Psalm 118:24)


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  1. That first photo, is just marvelous. Look at all the "vertical-ness" going on. The play of light and shadow, on those clumps of grasses. It almost looks like water... Like ripples or some such.

    I'm sure you didn't know, this effect was going to be in your picture... When you were taking it. But isn't it amazing, what we sometimes find in our photos, after we see them posted?

    One of the fun, fun, fun things, about taking lots of pictures! To me anyway...


  2. And oh yes, I wonder about such old abandoned buildings... So sad to see them left to just fall down... Why? Why? Why? Was there no one to claim them, when the first owner left? No children to do so? Did the whole family more way-away, and forget all about the 'old place'? Etc.

    That old Gris Mill.... Before it got to this shape... Can't you just imagine a nice restaurant in there? They could have the wheel working... As an added attraction... They do things like that, with some olden buildings... -sigh-

    I'm glad some of us notice, and wonder, and pay attention to such old places. Very glad. :-)


  3. That line should have read; "Did the whole family MOVE way-away..." Opppps. No proof reading.

  4. Oh, I love these photos! And I also love to imaging who lived there and what did they do and where did they go, etc. I know rural Georgia seems to have a lot of those kind of old homesteads. So intriguing. Did you see the one I wrote about a couple of years ago? I'll try to send you the link on facebook. It was in Hall County, GA, but it's gone now. I was so fascinated by it, just like you are with this one. See? We are kindred spirits! :)

  5. I love your photos and I am in love with old buildings, too. I always wonder what stories they can tell and why they ever came to be abandoned. It is sad to see them fall into disrepair- xo Diana

  6. I agree: it is truly sad to see things dilapidated, when once it was loved and cared for......but once the farms started closing, well, the best part of America is slowly becoming forgotten. : - (

    God bless.

  7. We are blessed to be able to see these old abandoned buildings still in that they were not torn down yet. Soon that building, those people that lived there will be forgotten, as well as, the animals.
    JM Illinois

  8. Hello my sweet Sylvia! Oh how good it is to visit you :) These photos are simply lovely and it is a blessing to see them.

    Thinking of you, dear one. Much love to you!

  9. Like you, I wonder about previous inhabitants of abandoned homes and also of the women that owned the teacups I buy from the antique barn.

  10. Really makes you dream about what the history that occurred in these old beautiful buildings. Great photos.


  11. What a nice post. I love your pictures of these old buildings. They have such a quiet beauty and charm. I too often wonder about the people that occupied these places and the history of these abandoned homes. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my blog and leaving me your sweet comment.



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