Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainy Saturday

Madi is enjoying playing with Milo on this rainy day.
Milo isn't an indoor kitty, but with the cold weather and all this rain, I let him stay inside.  They chase each other around.  There were thunder and lightening this morning but it is all moving out this afternoon.

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry, and enjoying the weekend.



  1. Good morning Sylvia.
    A blessed Sunday to you
    Wishing you a good weekend too.
    Its so lovely to see your cat and dog playing.
    We used to have a dog and a cat.. but now I have the 4 dogs.. its impossible.
    xx val

  2. Oh I'm so glad that Milo is being able to stay inside. Perhaps he will realize that it is the safest of lives... Perhaps... :-)

    'Twas a rainy Sat. in my area also. But Sun., the sun has peeked out a bit. Just a bit, but it's not raining today, anyway.

  3. I love rainy days...but was really happy that today was sunny and dry...although a little cool again...but that was nice too. Glad your kitty and doggy had a fun rainy day indoors.


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