Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Over the weekend, my daughter had a family fish fry at her home.
I was asked to bring the desert. Since my SIL had been asking me 
to make his favorite "Trifle", for some time , I decided to surprise
him and make it. I enjoy making anything that you don't have to 
cook or bake....(yes, I've gotten a little lazy as I grew up.) It's really
been years since I've made it and it's so easy!

Here's the recipe:

1 pt. fresh strawberries

2 pkg sugar free strawberry jello 

2 pkg sugar free jello instant vanilla pudding

2 angel food cakes
(I used 1 )

1 large carton lite cool whip

banana's (optional)

Make jello and mix with sliced fresh strawberries and bananas.
Pour over angel food cake that has been broken into pieces.
Let set in refrigerator while you make pudding.
Then pour over cake and jello.
 Top with cool whip.
 Place 2 fan strawberries on center top. (optional)

I also made a "Dirt Cake".  My granddaughter,Morgan, loves it.
She changed the name to  "Happiness in a Bowl". 
They were both delighted. I got 2 hugs from Morgan  and a hug from my son in law.

 I think I've given the recipe before, some months ago for this. I'll give it again, just in case someone missed that post.

Crush a whole bag of  Oreo Cookies and set aside.

In a small bowl mix:
1 - 8oz cream cheese,softened
1 cup powdered sugar
3/4 stick margarine, softened
Set aside- make pudding

In a large bowel mix 2-2/3 cup milk
2 small pkgs. vanilla instant pudding.
Then mix in 1-12 oz cool whip
add first mixture to second and mix well.

Layer the cream mixture and cookies,
 starting and ending with crushed cookies.


Well tomorrow is my granddaughter, Anna's 12th birthday.
I'll need to think of something to make for her since Papa and 
I are going to pick her and her brother up from school and
take them out to dinner. 

 Where does the time go! It wasn't that long ago that
we were blessed with this sweet, beautiful granddaughter..12 years,,,my how time flies.

(I will be)



  1. Both desserts look scrumptious. Families can always count on grandma to bring something good.

  2. yummy deserts and I love no cook deserts, lol!!! Your Grand daughter is beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely Anna! You said "tomorrow," which would be "today." March 26th. Annna, you and I share the same birthday. :-) Anna and I also share the same birthday, with a great author... Joseph Campbell

    Happppy Day, Dear One!


  4. What yummy looking desserts! Your Granddaughter is lovely!

  5. two favorite desserts! And Happy Birthday to Anna! Such a lovely young lady!


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