Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring or Not!

It was one of those March days
when the sun shines hot
And the wind blows cold;
when it is summer in the light,
And Winter in the shade.
~ Charles Dickens
Yes, that's how it seems these days, we don't know if it is winter or spring,
We've had Snow!
Awake, thou wintry earth~
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
 ~ Thomas Blackburn
We've had Ice!
Is it Spring yet!
Yesterday as I  walked my Madi, I found this one and lonely tulip in my flower bed. I don't remember when I planted it, maybe last spring or sometime before and it just now thinks it's spring and
came up to see.

I love Spring anywhere, but if I could choose,
 I would always greet it in a garden.
~Ruth Stout
Have a Blessed Spring or winter!


  1. it has been a long winter and that is a very brave tulip!

  2. Oh what a beautiful reminder, that Spring willlllll commmmmmme! :-)

  3. It's fairly warm here today with dark clouds, wind and rain. I'm thinking maybe it's going to finally be Spring!

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    pleased to see you used the quote I wrote from Charles Dickens.
    Spring is not really here yet. Its gone to colder days now and i have to get the wood burner going.
    lets hope it will be warmer days soon. val

  5. Hi Sylvia- I don't know what it is here either- Spring or winter. Today it is raining but just above freezing. Nothing green or growing yet. Ugh- can't wait until we see some Spring Sun! xo Diana

  6. I just can't imagine snow now! We are back to rain in the NW and a fire in the woodstove. All the flowering trees are in full bloom and the daffodils are everywhere!
    Hope spring comes your way soon.


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