Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Apple Butter Pound Cake

I've had my Southern Lady magazine for
a few weeks now, and every time I looked
at it I really wanted to make this cake on the
cover.  It's an Apple Butter Pound Cake.

I finally got up the nerve to make it.
The recipe is long so I won't try to 
post it.  It takes an hour and 20 minutes
to bake (and the good Lord knows I am 
not a patient woman).  15 to 20 minutes
just to mix the ingredients. Then placing
dough in the bunt pan 1/3 at a time. Cooling
it until it's completely cooled. Another 15 minutes

to make the glaze. Oh and to start at first you have to mix up a pecan,brown sugar and butter mixture. Anyway I started at 4 o'clock P.M.

and it was 8 o'clock when I finally finished it.
Maybe I am just a little too slow!

Now mine didn't turn out as pretty and white like 
the photo in the magazine. I forgot and didn't cool 
my glaze completely before I put the confectioners sugar in. my bad, I did say I am not very patient, didn't I!

It was good, even if it doesn't look as good.

And even better with a cup of Tea !

I love how my plants Loves this cool weather. They are growing and doing so good. Just don't like thinking it won't be long before the frost will 
come and take it all away. 

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. It looks wonderful to me, and I wish you'd post the recipe!

  2. I think it looks VERY GOOD, Sylvia. Nothing EVER looks like the magazine pictures....and if it does it is purely by happy accident. lol That would tempt me being as I have not had sugar for a week come tomorrow. yum....!
    Those bundt cakes do take forever to bake-but they are so good. Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana
    ps. I used to get that magazine and just loved it.

  3. That is beautiful Sylvia! I imagine your house smelled so wonderful! Good job. Can we have some? Just kidding!

  4. Sylvia. I think your cake looks great! I love apple butter..and pound cake!! Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking for this magazine , Susan~

  5. I think yours looks BETTER! You can come to my house and bring that cake with your! :-)

  6. Sylvia:
    Now that turned out fabulous and I wish you would come back later and post it for my "Friend Sharing Tea" blog party. Whether you do or not - it's wonderful. Since my husband and I are alone now I often cut up the desert and freeze at least 1/2 or divide that 1/2 and freeze it. I have a lot on hand in the freezer right now for that reason.

  7. Well after all that hard work, you were rewarded with a beautiful and delicious pound cake, Sylvia. I wish I had a slice to have with my cup of tea.


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