Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Morning Chat

Good Morning, ladies!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
I was blessed to have my sweet granddaughter, Anna,
spend the weekend with us. She will turn 15 next
month (March) and looking forward to getting her Learner's license!
We had an enjoyable time together.
We made Chicken Salad and had Tea with it.
I started her and my 18 year old granddaughter, Morgan,
off when they were 2 years old liking a cup of hot tea.
Can't start them too young!

I love my pretty Tea Infuser a sweet blogger friend sent me at Christmas.
You just add your loose leaf tea and sit it in your cup.

Have you ever tried BBQ Meat Loaf?

Well I hadn't either until I reached in the frig to get the Ketchup and
before I realized it I had dumped a big ole clump into my meat mixture.
It wasn't so bad, my hubby wants me to use it every time.
Maybe but maybe not!

Have a Blessed Monday!



  1. Oh Sylvia, it would be so much fun to attend one of your tea parties! How wonderful that you introduced your granddaughters to tea and tea parties at a young age. I know you must have a lot of precious 'tea party' memories with them. BBQ sauce in meat loaf sounds kinda good to me...I think I'll try it and see what Mr D thinks!! The infuser does look pretty sitting in your cup, glad you're enjoying it. Have a Marvelous Monday!!

  2. Sylvia, So fun to have your granddaughter stay over night. Hope you got lots of hugs. I just saw on the side of a box of "Stove-top stuffing, a meatloaf recipe that calls for b-b-q sauce and a box of the stuffing mix. You may want to try it.Blessings for a great new wekk. xoxo, Susie

  3. Lovely time spent with your granddaughter!
    What beautiful memories you are creating.
    And my hubby always adds BBQ sauce to his meatloaf!
    Have a cozy day...
    Beautiful snow here in Pa. : )

  4. Good Afternoon, What a blessing to enjoy the company of your granddaughter. The chicken salad and hot tea sound very enjoyable. I love the tea infuser and also that pretty cup/saucer.
    Just the other day, I saw where Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce is one of the tastiest. I will have to try it soon.
    Enjoy your day! xoxo

  5. That looks good, Sylvia. I could use a cup of hot tea right now!

  6. What a fun tea time with your granddaughter! Love the infuser on the tea cup! What a cute idea!! And I have tried BBQ sauce in meat loaf before, and I think it's pretty good...but I usually stick with ketchup too. But it is always fun to try something different once in a while. You are blessed to have granddaughters to enjoy tea time with. I have to have tea with my baby doll! LOL

  7. No, it's never too young to begin having tea with our grand children.
    That tea infuser is darling!!
    You know, barbeque meat loaf just might not be so bad. :-)

  8. No, it's never too young to begin having tea with our grand children.
    That tea infuser is darling!!
    You know, barbeque meat loaf just might not be so bad. :-)

  9. I love to hear that you and your granddaughters enjoy tea time, too, Sylvia. Your tea infuser is just the cutest thing and can be used in any teacup. Love that!

  10. What fun that you have tea with your grandgirls. I have one that will be 15 this summer. Seems like yesterday she was a baby girl.
    Love the tea infuser and I bet the BBQ sauce on the meatloaf was good. xo Diana

  11. How fun!! Tea with the grand daughters sounds so delightful! I love that tea infuser. I need to find me one like that. The one I have opens and loose tea fills my cup...ick!
    I put BBQ sauce in my mini meatloaves all the time, I like it much better than ketchup!

    Hope you have a delightful one!
    Hugs, Amy

  12. Hi, sweet friend! Your tea infuser is simply fabulous and I can see why you're enjoying it :)

    Hugs to you!


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