Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When we Cry for Help

"How gracious the Lord will be when you cry for help".
Isaiah 30:19

After the weekend of Tornado's in our state and in the county where I live, we are to have a day of sunshine and temperature's in the 50's.

These are just a couple of photo's taken a few miles from where I live. They believe it was a tornado, it should be determined today .

God is so good and spared my neighborhood from any real damage. We had lots of rain and high winds.

In the Southern part of Georgia, there were so much damage, a whole trailer park was demolished and as of now 4 people lost their lives there. In another town 11 people lost their lives.

This morning my devotion touched my heart and reminded me that when we "cry out to God", He is ready to hear our cry and help.


" the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion...How gracious he will be when you cry for help!."

Many people today are crying out and looking for someone to help. God often looks to His people to answer their cries. It is a privilege to be the hands of God as we respond on His behalf to the cries for help. Even when we aren't able to do, we can always lift our voices up in prayer.

"Lord you are always ready to show compassion,
remind me today, that I can be an instrument for you,and show compassion when you give me the
opportunity. May I see it when you do and answer
the cry!"


May your day be Blessed!



  1. So glad you are okay, Sylvia!

  2. So very grateful for God's protection over you and yours.

  3. Sylvia, I've been seeing such terrible images and I've heard such terrible reports on the bad weather that hit Georgia. My heart goes out to all that were in harms way. Your post today touched my heart.

  4. Your devotion was so very appropriate. So thankful for your safety!

  5. Oh my Sylvia!
    I'm so thankful that you're safe.. Wow..your photos show just how violent the weather was. How tragic for those families who lost loved ones. I didn't even realize. I guess because I was traveling. I will be praying for those folks. I'm glad you have some settled weather now. Your post was a sweet reminder of God's love. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week.

    Hugs and blessings,

  6. How Great is Our God! so thankful that you and your community escaped the great storm. I was praying for you as I heard about the storms near you. We had tornado warnings/watches here as well, but thankfully, none touched down...just a lot of high winds, rain, and lightning. We were so thankful not even to lose power! Prayers were answered. Praying still for those families who were devastated by the storm. May God help them and be very near.

  7. That is so very sad, Sylvia. It makes all our little complaints pale in comparison to life and death situations like the one in GA. I will never understand why such awful things happen or what the lesson is when bad things happen to good people. I am praying for those people and your whole area. xo Diana

  8. Oh Sylvia, I am SO GLAD you are safe and sound! What a scary thing.

    I so appreciated your words of wisdom and comfort. I am so thankful for a God who does indeed hear our cries.

    Thinking of you and remembering these many people in prayer. Love and hugs!

  9. What a heartwarming post this is, Sylvia...it made my heart feel safe and happy...it is so comforting to know HE is right by our side all the time.

    So thankful your town was spared bad things with the storms...I saw how hard hit some of the places in your state were...just breaks your heart when these things happen.

  10. So happy your home was spared from the terrible weather. Prayers to all those in need at this time.

  11. So very glad God protected you and kept you safe during those storms. That scripture is such a great reminder to how God is faithful to us. He does hear our prayers!

    Thinking of you...


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