Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Friend and Friendship Tea

Tuesday my friend Jane, invited me to tea at her home.
We have been friends for 25 years,
and shared many fun, sad and happy times.

Even though it was raining and I don't like driving in the rain,
I drove the 40 minute drive to her home.
It's always a treat to visit her. She is a great and fun hostess.

We had our Lunch on her back screened in porch.

Chicken salad

A slice of fresh tomato,
and fruit.

Cucumber sandwich.


I tried to get a photo of the rain, but it just wouldn't show.

I had a cucumber sandwich for the first time,
and to my delight, it was good.
The cucumber came from her friends garden.

Banana nut cake! 

Tiny Lemon cakes

Of course, we had Tea!

After several hours of laughing together and good food,
and Tea, it was time for me to go.

" Ointment and perfume
rejoice the heart,
so doth the sweetness of a 
man's friend gives delight..."

Proverbs 27:9

Have a Blessed Day1


  1. Good Morning, What a blessing to have a long-time friend to fellowship with. A pretty porch to enjoy such delicious looking food. I enjoyed your photos very much. Try to stay dry today! xo

  2. Everything looks so pretty, especially the lovely ladies! I love cucumber sandwiches, a lady at the bank where I worked for many years, would always bring them to our special luncheons. So yummy.

  3. I'm so impressed at the way the tea was presented. So pretty. Old friends are the best! I had my first cucumber sandwich in Israel and was surprised at how good it was as I'm not really crazy about cucumbers. Your friend Jane really is a thoughtful and gracious hostess.

  4. Lovely!

    You made me crave lemon cake...


  5. that looks so delightful!!! Love all the beautiful and delicious looking foods! And lemonade! In such a pretty pitcher and glasses! Haven't had that in a long time! Her porch looks so wonderful to have a screened porch where you can have tea parties. I may have to screen my porch in. Right now the mosquitoes are so bad outside you can't step out the door without being attacked! Sorry you had to drive so far in the rain, but thankful you were able to do so and that you made it there and back safely...and had such a great time. The Lord was with you! Thank you for sharing this lovely tea party with us.

  6. The wonderful company and food was definitely worth the drive in rainy weather!


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