Friday, June 30, 2017

Weekly Foto's

Good Morning, it's time once again for
Friday Foto Friends

We visited Dickey Farms this week
with two of our daughters and some of our

They have the best peach ice cream ever!

It's a fun and relaxing place.
I could sit and rock for hours.

There's hubby waving at me.

They have no shortage of peaches.

Across the street is an old store. 
They are still in business. 
The owner opens at 3:00, he runs
a mail route in the mornings.

Got some photo's of my Hosta in bloom
and my Rose of Sharon.

My daughter has  a magnolia tree,
I know it's at least 50 feet high.
The honey bees were having breakfast
when I took this Foto.

I will be linking with Deb at Breathing in Grace,

Have a Blessed Weekend!



  1. I"ve never heard of Musella, Ga. I saw more peaches when we lived in SC than I did when we lived in Ga.; we must have lived in the wrong part of the state! :)

  2. That giant ice cream cone doesn't look real! ;-) forced perspective?

  3. Wow! I'd love to go to the peach place and sit and rock and eat peach ice cream with you! Beautiful!! Makes me want some fresh GA peaches right now!!! I need to go see if I can find some at a roadside stand somewhere. Love the bees on the magnolia and your other flowers...and that old country general store! Wow! I'd love to visit that too! is it old fashioned inside as well? Love old stores like that!!! Thank you for starting my morning with a smile! And now...where to find some fresh GA peaches...I must go in search of them today!! Wanting some peaches on ice cream or a cobbler or a pie...mmmmm, my mouth is watering... Thanks, Sylvia! Have a blessed weekend!!

  4. Good rainy morning, Sylvia! That peach ice cream looks so tasty! I love seeing the pretty flower blooms, too. We hope to add a Rose of Sharon to our yard next year. The magnolia blossom must smell heavenly. Hope you have a nice day.

  5. You visit some of the most unique places....I'm kinda envious. Oh, I'd like a big cup of that ice cream...<3 anything peach! Great fotos today...HOPE you have a great 4th of July celebration.

  6. Oh that peach ice cream looks fabulous! I LOVE peach! And those rocking chairs all lined up look so inviting. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  7. Great pictures Sylvia! I would love to sit in one of those rocking chairs and have an ice cream. Really looks like a great place to visit.

  8. What a fun place to visit! Love your pics and rocking chairs. I guess I could go over to Cracker Barrel and sit for a while, although Georgia and peach ice cream both sound even better.

  9. We have the same magnolia tree in the grounds of the church house. The little boys used to love climbing it after Sunday school and picking off some of the buds and dropping them on unsuspecting Sunday school teachers :)
    The rocking chairs are marvellous, I hope you got to try one out while eating an ice cream?



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