Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A trip back in Time.

I love older homes and enjoy touring them.  It brings warmth and comfort to my soul.
Last Friday when my friend and I drove the 2 hour drive from my home to purchase tickets
for the upcoming Christmas Tour of Homes in the historic town of Madison,Georgia, we
were surprised by Ruth, the host at Heritage Hall, the headquarters for the Historical Society.
After we had paid for our tickets she asked if we'd like a tour of the home, of course we were
excited and said "yes".  Here are some pictures.
Since a child I have loved these homes with the big columns.  We rang the door bell and when no
one came at once, we sat in the rocking chairs and enjoyed the view and pretended we lived here.
Oh but when we got inside it was so lovely, as if Scarlet O'Hara was somewhere in the house waiting
for us to be announced and would come down the stairs any minute.
Oh is that her ghost in the mirror, oh no that's my friend,Jane.

Wouldn't you love to have Tea at this dining table! I would,
I can see myself rocking in the rocker and enjoying this beautiful bedroom.

Love this rose chandelier so pretty and pink!  Roses hanging from it.
In another room was another vintage gown.
Love the children's room with the small furniture and see the tiny shoes.
What child wouldn't love this room and have a Teddy Bear Tea at this table!

I hope you have enjoyed our tour of this great historic home and if you live near then on Nov.30th and Dec. 1, it and other homes will decorated for Christmas and you can tour it again, just get your tickets early and meet me there.  I'll be doing the day tour and night tour so I can see all the lights.
I love this small town and go there often since one of the state parks we camp at is only 30 minutes away.  Two years ago this month when we were there I came home with my Chihuahua, Madi, (short for Madison).  She was born in this town and given to me by a nice lady that works in one of the stores.



  1. Dear Sylvia,
    What a delightful post. I am in love with little Madi.. I want so much to get a chihuauahua.
    I can see "Rhet" standing at the bottom of the stairs and Scarlett in her red dress. Oh how enchanting to be able to visit these magnificent homes. I do so wish i was in America to join you. I will look forward to reading your post after you have been.
    The home you have shown is beautiful.. my gosh how they lived so fine in the South.
    and so dear Sylvia.. i leave you for today Wednesday
    for " Tomorrow is another day"
    hugs val x

  2. I can see a girlie road trip in my future!!! Madison is a MUST see.

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    I loved the tour of the magnificient home with the large columns. Gorgeous decor! Your chihuahua is so adorable. I have two chihuahua's. They are the best breed ever! Thanks for visiting. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh How Lovely!!! Yes, I could see us having tea there...I'd love that so much. Thank you for sharing this with us. Such a refreshing change from the other stuff happening in the world (country) today (last night). Yes, to be able to step back in time and be a part of a more genteel age would be delightful. Wish I could come join you. Some day...

  5. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for sharing your gorgeous photo's Sylvia ! I adore grand old homes too and often feel like I have lived in one before. I LOVED all of your pics but sat upright when I spotted that lovely gown in the background ! lol You know how much I want to wear one of those gowns !I am so happy that you had such a lovely day xo

  6. Hello Sylvia, it's a pleasure to meet you. This house is gorgeous! So many beautiful details. I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing the tour. i am happily your newest follower.

  7. Oh my I also love older homes. I wish I could have gone into everyone of the ones in Charleston SC. They were beautiful. Your little doggie is to cute!! I love when Harley and Prince stays with me they have so much personality.


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