Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here comes Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  As always I ate too much and with 14 at my house I didn't have time to relax or work off any of it.  It's always a blessing when all my children are here.  But now  it's time to focus on getting ready for Christmas.  I am slowly starting but haven't done much
yet.  My tree is up but not decorated.  We spent three days in a cabin at Fort Yargo State Park the first of the week with my sister, Doris and her husband Bill.  One day we got out and shopped a little.
Thrift stores naturally, I found these two deer grazing around without a  home so I brought them
home with me.  They were only $1 each.

I really didn't like the old brass color so I spray painted them white.
They are candle holders but don't think I'll put candles in them.
I think they look better white, they go better with my winter theme.  The tree was a find also
for just 50 cents.
What do you think?  Oh well too late I've already painted them.  I found another deer ($1) that I can't decide what to do with,  paint or not?
I have always used deer somewhere in my decorations.  Any suggestions?
I did this arangement this morning.  Red birds are another thing that I love to add.
It'll take all week to get it looking like christmas around here.


  1. Yay, Christmas is coming :) I love your gold deer and they look amazing after you painted them white - great idea! I hope you are well!


  2. It all looks excellent, Sylvia!

    You know you could put a nice big pinecone where the candle would go - or even buy those fake flame tapers they have out now - ?

  3. I saw some of the brass reindeer and didn't even think about painting them. They are beautiful painted white. Stick a beautiful glass dish that is fancy and make a candy dish!!

  4. So clever! I never would have thought of painting them either, but they sure look good. I guess I need to get busy. We just had our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner here yesterday, so I still have gourds and pumpkins and pilgrims sitting around. Next weekend is the beginning of Advent, so I will start putting up Christmas decorations then. I just have to catch my breath between seasons.
    Merry ThanksChristmas!


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