Monday, November 5, 2012

Madison Tea Room and Gardens


I promised pictures of the tea room that my friend, Jane, and I had lunch at last Friday when
we were in Madison,Georgia.  The main reason we were there was to purchase tickets to the
Christmas Tour of Homes that will be on November 30th and December 1st.  I'll tell you more
about that on tomorrow's post.  This is the outside of the tea room.  It is right in the center of town.
When we walked inside we could see beautifully decorated tables, and all the walls were lined
with tea sets, cups and teapots.  It was very pretty and just what I love.
I loved the tea cart with all the silver and china.  Every piece was so pretty.
This was one of my favorite teacups. 
This is a tea for one, since my friend Jane, had colon cancer she can't eat a lot of foods,
so she just had a couple of scones with jam.  On the bottom tier was a small chicken salad
sandwich, egg salad sandwich, and sliced carrots and cherry tomato's. There also was a  cucumber sandwich and a avocado with tomato sandwich.                  
 The middle tier
was a cranberry scone and grapes and strawberries.  The third tier had fudge, lemon cake,
a cream puff and I honestly don't remember what the fourth one was.

This was my plate.  Our tea was a black currant Tea which the owner Kathy, told us she imports
from Europe.  It was very good.
I was really amazed at all the fine china she had.   There was even a fireplace with a child's
table and chairs setting in front of it.
We really enjoyed our lunch and the town.  Tomorrow I'll show you the mansion that we toured
where we got our tickets.  If you get the November issure of Victoria magazine, there are several
pages telling about the town of Madison.  It's called "A Small Town Christmas"


  1. Thanks for sharing your visit to the tea room. It is always so much fun to see what they look like...they are all so different...and what they are serving. Thanks so much!

  2. Good morning Sylvia,
    What a gorgeous tea room! I love the fireplace with the child's table set in front and all the china. This is a tea room I would love to visit; very charming! The tea treats sound delicious too. I'm glad you got to experience tea there with your friend and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  3. Hi Sylvia, The tearoom is just beautiful, with so many pretty touches. I love tearooms! Your food looks great too. I would love to visit this tearoom; it is fantastic!

  4. Oh boy, such delicious looking food! I can never get tired of roses! I especially love that plate - third shelf down and on the right - and the teacup and saucer beside it.

    Popping in from Tea Time Tuesday.

    :) Hope

  5. Oh, this looks like such a wonderful place to visit! All your pictures look beautiful! thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope you are having a terrific day!

  6. What a lovely tea room! Everything was beautiful and the food looked delicious.

  7. What an amazing tea room, so much to see, and nicely docorated outside. Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  8. What a beautiful tea room! The food looks divine. Absolutely. Why haven't I been there???

  9. What a pretty tearoom, just the kind I like! My niece lives near Athens and the next time we visit her I hope we can make a stop for tea! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Sylvia! We found you @ Rose Chintz Cottage. Thank you for sharing your tea house experience. It looks like you had a lovely time with your friend. All those pretty tea things! They make the tea taste better, don't you think?

    The French Hens have joined your site. Please visit the Hens Nest anytime and maybe you will want to join ours.

    Linda and Jeannie

  11. Thanks ladies for all your kind comments, I do appreciate everyone of them.

  12. Now I am all of a sudden hungry for a scone ! lol x


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