Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blessed Sunday!

I love deer, I love to watch them graze , they are ao graceful, one of God's gifts to us.
I am thankful today for all His blessings on me.  I took this picture recently at the nature
center near where I live.
Counting my blessings today, I hope you have a Blessed one!


  1. I'm blessed by the picture and the verse!

  2. Just lovely, Sylvia- happy Sunday- hope you remembered to turn back your clocks, sweetie!


  3. Thank you Sylvia.. blessing to you too on this 1st sunday in November.
    The photo of the deer is very sweet. I love deer .
    val xxx

  4. Beautiful! I would love to see some deer walk by just now as I sit out in my woodsy "cabin space"...the place where I hope to someday put a little guest cabin. I haven't ever seen any deer here in the daylight, but we have seen their tracks, so I know they are nearby. Someday maybe they will bless us with their appearance. Thank you for sharing that picture. I love that verse as well. Blessed Sunday to you today!

  5. The simple things in life are often the best. I just watched a baby bird take a dip in my birdbath. His breed are classed as a pest but his inner beauty was pure magic. This little bird had the time of his life ducking in and out of the birdbath squawking in delight as he did so.
    Watching the deer graze must be beautiful. Sometimes I watch the kangaroos grazing up near where my floristry course is. Their baby Joeys are never far behind them and are so very sweet to watch.


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