Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A few days ago I was feeling like, this year it's going so good and I don't even feel stressed, well...It's only 6 days until Christmas Eve and now I am beginning to feel like I need to hurry up and finish. There is still a couple more gifts to buy and alot that has to be wrapped and the grandchildren are coming on Friday for our cookie bake.  Slow down and breathe so I can enjoy it, that is what I keep telling myself.
This is my teacup tree.
I have added my two teacups with mice in them.  They were on the tree in the Den, but I decided to move them to the teacup tree in the Dining Room.
They are so cute!
The candle in the lantern adds a calming affect to the day! 
A sleigh full of different color ornaments brightens the room!
I stop and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!
On this day a week before Christmas, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


  1. Beautiful tea tree, Syl! The whole post is lovely!

    I am glad you moved your mousies, they belong on that tree!

    Your sleigh of pastel bulbs, and your lantern and little tea party- just perfect.

    DO enjoy each moment, don't tstress: and if your grandchildren are old enough have THEM do the wrapping. I used to go to my Auntie's and always wrap her presents for her and she and I would have tea and something sweet before I went home to wrap my Mom's. I love to wrap I guess, haha.

    God bless.

  2. Sylvia I LOVE your teacup tree it is so pretty !
    Enjoy your baking day with your Grandchildren and have the merriest of Christmas'. Thankyou for your sweet words of encouragment during the year.
    Love to you xo

  3. Beautiful teacup tree!! I love it! I may have to do that next year in my dining room. I have a little grapevine tree in there, but only have white poinsettias and bows on it so far, and ribbons. The little teacups would be a great addition...I do have some, just never thought to put them on their own tree!
    Enjoy your cookie baking day with your grandchildren. That is truly a blessing. I don't think I will get any cookies baked this year...running out of time (and energy). Yes, Breathe!!!! I need that word!
    Lovely post...thank you...and have a Very Merry Christmas!!

  4. A lovely post Sylvia.
    How cute are the little cups with the mice in them.
    I will certainly try the hot chocolate with marshmellow..never had that before.
    Thank you for following me through this blogging year.. thank you for your comments.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.
    Family arriving and duty calls.
    val x

  5. Hi Sylvia, I love your teaset, and your teacup tree is adorable; especially the little mice. :0)
    Have fun baking with the grandchildren, Sylvia. Merry Christmas!


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