Friday, April 11, 2014


No, it isn't October yet, or Halloween!  But there is a Ghost in my computer!  Yesterday Windows Security decides to do 4 updates and afterwards I couldn't do anything on my computer. I tried several times to upload photo's on here and on Facebook, comment, and do a blog but couldn't, so I kept trying, and little by little it's letting me do some things. There are still some issues but maybe this time tomorrow my little ghost will fix everything. 
 My hubby said maybe it has a bug! Uh Oh! I have heard on the news about the Bleeding Heart virus. Has anyone had a problem with it?  I sure love to hear from anyone if you have.

Be Blessed!


  1. It's Heart Bleed Virus....

    I'm trying to find techy info, on the Net. Not much I fully accept yet.

    Asking my Computer Geek for his take on it. Waiting to hear back.


  2. -sigh- Still don't know much on this topic. My friend is away for the week and won't be able to inform me, till next week. -sighhhhhhhhh-

    If your problems began, after Windows did Security updates, me-thinks you need to contact them, for help. Do they have a number you can call, to talk to a live person? And he/she talk you through your issues?

    Good luck!!!!


  3. Oh- I don't know nuthing 'bout nuthin' when it comes to this kind of stuff. Good luck, Sylvia! o Diana


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