Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Blessings

Take My Hand

When the storms of life are raging
And there's trouble 'cross the land;
We can almost hear Him whisper,
Precious children "Take My Hand".

You will never have a problem 
That I cannot understand...
I will bear your every burden,
If you'll only take my hand.

When your trials seem much too heavy
And you feel you cannot stand;
I will be the crutch you lean on
Precious children "Take My Hand".

O'er the earth, My eyes are roaming;
There is naught, I cannot see...
Take My hand and look toward heaven,
Then just put your trust in Me.

There's no sickness, I can't conquer;
There's no storm, I cannot calm;
For I paid for all your trials,
With the nail-prints in My palm.

'Does not matter what you're facing...
You don't have to understand;
Put your trust in Me, My children.
Just reach up and Take My Hand.

I will bear your every burden...
I'll bring peace to every land,
If My children will obey Me;
And reach out and "Take My Hand".
Author unknown



  1. Wondering if your computer issues, are over????

  2. I have not heard that song sung in years, Sylvia. I have always loved it! Looks like your computer is working! HooRay! xo Diana

  3. As I read your beautiful post I was drinking my morning coffee out of my lovely mug from you, sweet friend :) These words are precious - I am not sure if I have heard this song before.

    You blessed my heart this morning, thank you! Sending you love!

  4. I love you sis, and God is with you always, He will help you and Curtis through this......I am praying daily for you both!


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