Monday, October 13, 2014

Day Trip Day Two

 Love going to other towns and seeing how they've decorated for Autumn!  This Scarecrow is outside the restaurant that we love eating at in Warm Springs. They really go all out for each season.

Here are more photo's outside the restaurant.

After having lunch in the restaurant we stopped in the next town on our way home. I love this store, it is full of antiques and odds and ends.

And I couldn't close this without posting my granddaughter when I took care of her (Morgan) while my daughter worked, she was two years (young).  Three of my friends, with their daughters,and I would have "play dates" at each others homes. This photo was at my home, we had a pumpkin decorating party.

Look at those curls, and today she uses a straightener to straighten her hair.

Another 'play date' we took them to a pumpkin patch. We would go on hayrides and other fun trips.

Hope you're having a great Autumn and making memories.

Have a Blessed and Joy Filled Day!


  1. How fun Sylvia!... your little granddaughter is adorable in her curls!...that restaurant looks so cute and I would love to visit that little odds and ends antiques shop!... did you take any treasures home with you?... Happy October to you!... xoxo... Julie Marie

  2. I love fall decorations! the scarecrow, the orange pumpkins, colorful mums.....such a pretty time of the year. I love the field trips too and have taken my grands on some fun one too.

  3. Delightful pics of "back when"... :-)

    I should post some pics of my "back when"... Taking care of our first Granddaughter while her parents worked. :-)))))) Fun days!!!

    Oh sigh... She straightens her lovely hair.... Oh sigh.... But that's how young people are. -pout- ,-0

    "Here there be musing" blog

  4. I love October! And love that you and daddy enjoy the day trips especially in the fall. Thanks for pulling out the pictures of Morgan's time spent with you. It was a blessing to me to know that she was with you and not in a daycare while I worked!!

  5. So happy you are enjoying these wonderful day trips with your hubby. What a wonderful way to spend these lovely fall days. Thank you for sharing them with us. Would love to be doing the same thing. Someday...

  6. You are such a good Grandma. I love that they are decorating pumpkins. They look so cute. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  7. Glad you had fun lunching and seeing all the decorations. Your granddaughter was just so cute. I hear you about them straightening their curls. They grow up too fast. Those pictures just call up wonderful memories though, don't they? xo Diana

  8. What lovely photos and wonderful memories. The picture of your little granddaughter is so sweet. Love those curls. All of my babies had curly hair when they were little. =)

  9. What a cutie! Looks like you made some great memories! My son and grandson got the curls and the girls, including myself, all have straight hair! Not fair! ; )

  10. She is sooo of our grands has the natural curly hair and now, at 17, she uses a straightener, too. They want to look just like all the other girls with long, straight hair.


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