Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out and About

Autumn is a great time to get Out and About! 
The weather is not too hot or too cold.

Traveling less than 10 miles from home is also a
good thing when you have a great park to visit.

 I may have posted about this park before,
but it seems every time we visit the county has
made improvements. It was a state park but in
2012 it was handed back to the county.

This is what we found on our recent visit. It wasn't
here the last time we visited!

 Sprewell Bluff, about a 10 minute drive and so pretty!
This is the overlook before you  get into the park, The deck
and building was added this year after our last visit.

 By this time each year the leaves have turned to many
beautiful colors, but not yet this year. We'll keep a watch
and be there when they do turn.

 Big deck with the viewer so you can see for miles!

Now on to the park.  

Sprewell Bluff is a 1,372  acre heavily wooded park.
The Flint River winds it's way through it on it's way  
to Lake Blackshear. It is great for fishing, with
catfish and bass. Great Outdoors website has named
fly fishing on the Flint River as one of Georgia's top
10 adventures.
 It has 3 mile hiking trails along the 
river going up to the bluff.

Bird watching is also common since the forest is a stop
for migratory song birds.

 Picnic tables and two Pavilions are great for family outings, under
the shelter are along side the river. I do see a little leaf color here.

See the large rock the arrow is pointing to?
Children actually jump off it and swim! 
Yes, and adult children too!
Yikes, I wouldn't even it I was a teenager,
too dangerous for me. The rock is higher
than it looks in this photo.

I closed my eyes when my grandchildren did it.

Hope you have enjoyed our outing today, come along anytime. 
Next time we'll pack a picnic lunch!

Have a blessed day!


  1. What a beautiful and well maintained State Park. Your tax $$ are being well spent, on such as this! Excellent.

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog
    "Here there be whimsey" blog

  2. That is just a beautiful park, Sylvia. I bet it is just gorgeous when it is in full Fall color. I think a lot of state parks got handed back to the counties with all the budget cuts that took place federally (to the states). That is a nice little outbuilding they put there, too. Gorgeous photos!!!! xo Diana

  3. Wow! What a great view.

    Jocelyn @

  4. Sylvia, What a pretty park. The views are fabulous. I love parks. Especially State Parks. They are nice at all times of the year, but so beautiful in fall. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Very pretty. I have never heard of this bluff, but of course I know the Flint River and Lake Blackshear, since I grew up in Albany! We do live in a beautiful State...

  6. Amazing park....can't wait to see it all dressed up in the fall colors.
    JM, Illinois

  7. It is a beautiful park...I think your photos are wonderful.

  8. What a lovely park! I love the lookout point -- the rolling hills and the river. So pretty! And the lake. A fun and beautiful spot.

  9. What a pretty view! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  10. So lovely. Would love to go enjoy a day there! Georgia has so much to offer! Thank you for sharing this beauty!

  11. Sylvia such a lovely lovely place. The photos are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing thm Happy Autumn with love Janice

  12. A wonderful park for sight seeing and photography. You are lucky it is close enough to visit often.

  13. Oct. 31

    Witching you a very happy Halloween,
    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog
    "Here there be whimsey" blog

  14. What a lovely place to visit Sylvia. It looks a stunning place.
    I can imagine passing a wonderful pic nick day there, and its not so far from your home.
    wishing you a happy weekend.. and 1st of November.
    val xx

  15. This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing it again!!! Would love to visit there sometime!


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