Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day Trip One of Many

I love taking road trips, just get in the car and go!
Where to ?
It doesn't matter, just drive!

That's what we did one day this week!

So ride we did, (4 hours) around and up and down! By fields and pastures!

WE have great mountainous views (some would call them hills, but I call them mountains) around where we live here in western part of  central Georgia.

Don't you love these clouds!!
It was a nice day to enjoy God's beautiful handiwork!

After riding for so long we did get hungry! We ended up in the town where we met, married, gave birth to and raised our girls for most of their younger lives. We stopped at the Bar B Que place where we took them when they were so young they would stand up in the back seat to see! (no seat belts back then)

 By the looks of this sign, it hadn't changed since the '60 s!

 Back then there were 'car hops' that would come to your car and take your order.

Today you have to go inside to eat or walk up to the window and order for yourself. I did go to  the window since we had our Chihuahua (fur baby) with us! We ate in the car and then traveled on.

We ordered what we got- those - so - many - years ago! 
It's nice every now and then to revisit old memories!

Find joy in your day and be Blessed!



  1. We love day trips, too....:)
    O, and I was one of those carhops when I was 15...fell in love with the owners son and dated him thru high school....didn't marry him, tho. :)

  2. Sylvia, Car gosh that was eons ago...I love it. I bet the b-b-q was good though. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Sylvia - I LOVE that fincher's sign!!! (You know, Finch Rest and all, haha.)

    The blue sky is so vivid, wow, what a lovely day to do this!

    If you ever wanna keep on driving, come visit, ok? I have room and would love to provide you with Bed and Breakfast! Maybe not the fur baby, but certainly the hubs! : - )

    One day I sure do hope to meet you in person after all these years! Hugs!

  4. A perfect rambling car ride.

    Topped off, by visiting an old "haunt"... Lovely...

    "Here there be musing"

  5. And your blog look is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful......

    Love it!!!

    "Here there be musing"

  6. What a special day and beautiful memories and pictures. We have a lot of old BBQ restaurants here in Lexington NC that still have car hops. They come to the car and take your order, etc. It is a nice bit of nostalgia that they keep around. I'm so glad they do. Enjoyed your post.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  7. Sylvia- You are a gal after my own heart! I love to drive-anywhere and everywhere! My father always said that if I heard the car start I was in the seat before he could put the car in gear. lol My kids are "riders", too. I loved those old car-hop restaurants. We have one left in the area....only for Summer though. xo Diana

  8. What a wonderful way to spend a day together. So much fun and such a lovely ride. Thank you for sharing it with us. Joy and blessing.


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