Friday, August 17, 2012

Afternoon Tea Break


This saying by Edmund Waller came from my little "Afternoon Tea" book.
(book by The Clever Factory,Inc.)



Sometimes after a day of cleaning, washing and cutting grass you need a break, A Tea Break. I made chocolate chip cookies and made myself a cup of Afternoon Tea.  I was feeling adventurous and decided to try and make my cookies small and placed them on a cookie sheet with a wire rack....oops should not have done that. They melted through the rack and did not turn out so well.  It doesn't matter how they look, they were still good.



Here is the stamp on the bottom of the teacup, "Duchess"  made in England.



  1. Nothing better than a good cup of tea
    I love your cup
    Never mind how the cookies look.. i bet they were chocolate chip.
    nice post Sylvia
    happy weekend

    1. Thanks Val,hope you have a nice weekend also!

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful little respite from working hard, Sylvia. Just lovely.

    And I agree, if they taste good, they work. Yum, sounds so good right now, I love cc cookies!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Made me want some fresh, warm cookies...and a cup of's a little late now for tea...if I want to sleep tonight, but maybe tomorrow afternoon. Today I did drink iced tea and read a book...and then went out and took pictures of wildflowers/weeds. That was relaxing and refreshing after a busy week at work. Thanks for sharing your tea party with us. I love that teacup/saucer. Pansies! One of my favorites.
    Ok...back to whatever I was doing...I enjoyed this break with you.


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