Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inherited Treasure

I treasure my Mother's Sugar dish!

As a young girl I remember the pretty pink roses on the sugar dish my mother used everyday.  When she passed away in 1980 my father gave it to me.  I always loved it, but one day many years ago the lid was dropped and broken, loving it so much it was glued backed together, placed in my mother's china cabinet not to be used again.  Today it sits in that same china cabinet, but in my dining room.  Yes I inherited my mother's china cabinet also.

This is the stamp on the bottom of the sugar dish.


This is the top shelf of my china cabinet.


I found this teacup at a local thrift shop last week and thought it went well with it.

I love the small round handle.

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 I pray it will be a BLESSED DAY!


  1. What an awesome treasure to have from your dear mother. I'm sure it brings back wonderful memories of her every time you use it. The China is just so outstanding and I love the little flowers. Your China Cabinet is so very beautiful and can be a great treasure to pass down from generation to generation. I think your new tea set is a wonderful find and goes great with your tea set. I too love the round handle.
    Tea time was special with you today.

    1. Thanks Brenda,I don't use the sugar dish because of the broken lid but I couldn't bare to throw it away. You were a dear to mention my blog on yours, thank you so much.

  2. What wonderful things you inherited from your Mom. You have some lovely teawares and that new thrift shop teacup is very pretty - lovely shape and handle.

  3. I think that teacup works perfectly with your Momma's sugar dish!

    I LOVE your china cabinet.

    And I recognize something blue and white in their that was MY Momma's!!!!! : - )

    That was fun seeing that again and this pretty post.



    1. Yes, you do Michele, the other candle cup that you gave me is in there also but can't be seen. I don't use them as candle holders, they're too pretty to get smoke on them.

  4. A lovely post Sylvia,
    Your mum's treasures are beautiful. Your cabinet is also very very lovely.
    Its so great , when we can use our mothers china. I dont have much..but what i do have i treasure.
    great photos.. also its a lovely design.

  5. Hi Sylvia: What a wonderful treasure you have of your Mom's! It is just stunning. It is so precious to have things left by your Mom. You are a lucky lady. Blessings, Marth

  6. That was wonderful! I love the sugar bowl...I know how you treasure it because it belonged to your mother. That is how I feel about the things I recently inherited from my mother. I love them because I know she loved and cherished them. Your china cabinet is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing your special treasures with us.

  7. Beautiful sugar bowl. Never thought about getting Mom's special dishes but I think I'll have to ask my Daddy:) I love your site!

  8. Hi Sylvia!
    Your dishes are so lovely and I'm so glad to see the sugar bowl was saved. I have a lot of pretty dishes that are damaged but are used for display. thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Sylvia, it doesn't matter in the least that the lid of your Mother's sugar bowl is cracked as the memories are the most treasured part of it. I am in love with your beautiful timber bureau. Is it pine ? It is sooo lovely and perect to display all of your prized collection. I love that you haven't been tempted to paint it white. I love preserving antique timber furniture. The natural colours of the woods are beautiful. Thanks so much for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog, they always make me smile xo


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