Sunday, August 12, 2012

Outside my Window Sunday Blessings

"Let Love be without hypocrisy,Abhor what is Evil. Cling to what is Good."  Proverbs 12:9

 As I was enjoying my quiet time this morning reading my Bible and journal, as I try to do each morning,  I was reminded of how we all will have times in our lives when Life sends us sprawling out of  control. The way we respond demonstrates  our faith.The measure of true victory is to totally trust God. If we are not careful, the tragic events can leave us jaded, forgetting Who our God is and the role we should allow Him to play in our lives.  When we or our country drift away from  a passionate pursuit of God in the midst of adversity, we will fail and suffer... I am joining Michele at The Nest at Finch Rest in praying for our country, it's leadership and the people that are suffering from whatever the reason or cause. Turning to our Lord in difficult times reinforces our strength and hope.  As Paul tells us in Romans 12:9 ( KJV Bible)  "Cling to what is good"

Outside my Kitchen window,

I am blessed to see the sun shining on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Through the screen of my kitchen window I am reminded of God's goodness
and love that He shows by sending the sunshine and the rain, and the beauty of
His nature.

Out my front door,

Milo watches over our yard.  Pets are a blessing also, they show us so much love and companionship.

After the rain,

sometimes we complain when it rains, but we need it and God's sends it in His time.
The mushrooms in my yard remains me that "All things are to our good, in His timing"

And most important the Love of Family and friends.  I am so blessed to have both. I spent the day yesterday with my girls shopping and  enjoying each others company.  Here I am with my granddaughter, Morgan Elizabeth, getting a manicure.  I do believe this was  my first one.

Jeremiah 33:3
"Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know".

Pray for God's Blessings and His will for our country!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Beautiful thoughts for the pictures surrounding your home this morning...and then to see your smiling face as you enjoy that special outing with your granddaughter. You are one up on me...I still have never had a real manicure. You will have to post some pictures of your new nails! What fun! Blessings to you today.

    1. Thanks Pam, for your kind comments. I love my nails, they are the right length and a nutural color..hard to take a picture of my hands, hubby tried but it didn't turn out good.

  2. Thanks for joining me in prayer, Sylvia!

    Did you see my post yesterday too? You were sorta, um, remembered!

    Big Hugs - hope you really enjoyed that mani - they'll get ya spoiled and you will always want them!

    I do my own hands but get a monthly pedi and it is TO DIE FOR awesome!

    Hope your birthday was all you dreamed it would be.



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