Thursday, November 7, 2013

Early Christmas Gift

Every year my daughters and I shop for our Christmas gifts for each other, together.  Yesterday Gina and I went shopping in the town where I live.  In one antique shop I saw an ottoman, it was  black leather and had a lid on top that opened up for storage.  I was excited about it but had promised myself not to buy anything,  just look with her.  Well she talked me into letting her buy it for my Christmas present.  

It was priced at $35.  ON the left side at the bottom it had come undone a little.  If you look you can barely tell it.  That was the only thing wrong that wasn't perfect with it.  But I did talk him down to ... $30.00

He even carried it out and put it my SUV for us.  Later she told me, "It's so big and heavy why don't you just go on and keep it so I don't have to carry it upstairs at my house and it's too big to wrap".  She didn't have to beg me.  She bought me another smaller gift also but that will have to be an after Christmas post.

I put it in my living room to use as a coffee table, (but I really don't want coffee sitting on it).  I am going to use it to store my magazines.  I have a large suitcase full of them.  But for now I'll start putting new ones in it.

:I was Blessed"


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  1. My daughter has an ottoman just like that and she paid a whole lot more for it than that. She uses a tray on top of hers to set coffee on and it keeps the top clean and the coffee (or whatever) from tipping. What a deal for you and what a nice early Christmas present- Blessings- xo Diana

  2. What a wonderful gift, Syl!

    I have one very similar too - much more expensive though (grrr) and the lid lifts up and toward you - so can be used as a "dining" table - we keep in front of the tv on the rare occassions when we watch.

    I tend to use it that way when giving myself manicures - watching tv then.

    Extra storage is SO awesome, and that style won't ever go out of fashion.

    GOOD job on your daughter's part, yay!

  3. What a great gift! You can never have enough storage! A great place to store your magazines.

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    What a wonderful and handy gift from your daughter. I have one too only it is smaller and it also opens for storage. It too is filled with magazines. I keep a tray on top so cups of tea or coffee don't spill over on it. We keep it in the den where we have a small TV. So handy, especially when you want to put your feet up for a bit. Just remove the tray, and you have a foot stool. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and enjoy your weekend.


  5. That's a good buy! I should have thought of that for my dad--he always needed more storage space! I saw some like that at Walmart when shopping for a shower gift and thought they were nice.


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