Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Enjoying Fall and Tea

Sprewell Bluff over look

A short 50 mile drive south of Atlanta and only a 10 minute drive from my home is a little known place called Sprewell Bluff. One of Georgia's most peaceful outdoor recreation areas. This enormous  1,372 acre park has picnic sites with grills, a scenic lake that allows private crafts, a 3 mile hiking trail, and several streams, paddle boating, canoeing, and kayaking.  It is on the Flint River and rest on the plains region of central Georgia. 

Flint River

I wish you could hear the water trickling over the rocks, they made the area so peaceful when my hubby and I were there this week.

There is a play ground for the children and children at heart to enjoy.

Once a State Park, but was closed when the economy got bad. Georgia closed a lot of the smaller state parks.  It is now ran by the county and used by many.  I love the quiet surroundings and the river.  The leaves have turned all different colors and are so pretty.

A fresh baked plate of Oatmeal cookies with pecans, white and dark chocolate chips is always good to come home to after a nice ride and walk in the County Park.

I made these Vanishing Oatmeal cookies from the recipe on the lid of the Quacker Oats box top.  They must be called vanishing since they don't stay at my house very long.

When I took this picture the tea was steaming, but it doesn't show the steam here.  This is one of my favorite fall cups. 

My tea today is Promise Tea.

I hope you are enjoying a Blessed Day!

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  1. What a pretty park. I bet it is used a lot. I love your cup although my own would be filled with coffee! I have made those oatmeal cookies many times but I substitute chocolate chips for the raisins. xo Diana

  2. Yum. I made oatmeal cookies last week and finished off the last one last night with a cup of tea. Your park looks so relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it with us. I feel like I was there breathing in the fresh cool fall air. Well, a girl can dream, can't she? Thank you for this pleasant break.

  3. Mmm...those cookies sound like the perfect Fall treat and I just love your pretty cup :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures - that Flint River is gorgeous and I can just imagine sitting alongside it with a good book. Hugs to you, friend!

  4. The park is so beautiful, Sylvia! Your cookies and tea look great, too. What a nice day you had!

  5. What a beautiful area, to be able to enjoy. It's wonderful that your county is running this now.

    Mmmmm, I'd love, love, love to hear the water trickling over the rocks. Wouldn't it be great, to make a recording of that? And be able to relax to it, at home!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oatmeal cookies! Yummmmmm... Funny but right now, I am waiting for a dish of Oatmeal to be ready. :-)


  6. What a treasure you are!! I just absolutely love your blog. It is so sweet and very comfy!
    Such a beautiful park and all those leaves, wow! I just love how they change colors, God's beauty is simply so amazing! Those cookies look really good. I bake a lot and I think I might have to make those. I even like the name for them. They would Vanish quickly in my house full of boys!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a precious comment and thank you for following me, after all that is the heart of blogging :) I'm going to be adding you to my side bar, please stop by again soon!

    Have a great day!

  7. Well now! Fall and tea? My two favourite things! Glorious fall colours you have captured. Enjoy your tea


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