Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Gift

About this time last year I did a post about the Christmas Tour of Homes I attended in Madison.  You can read about it here.There was a bedroom in one of the homes that I fell in Love with.  Since then I have tried to make mine as much like it as I possibly can.  Here is two pictures of my inspiration.

I just love this look! I may not get it to the exact look, but I'm trying.

It may take awhile! Here is how far I've gotten.  Oh! And the reason for this post.  Yesterday I spent the day with my sister.  She called to tell me that I owed her a visit since I was at her house with another sister while she was on a trip up the eastern coast last month.  It is over a two hour drive to her home on Lake Sinclair, but it is always worth the trip.  Her husband owns a Gold and Silver  and Antique Store.  Even though it's been open several years, I had never been to it.  After lunch we drove over  and while there I eyed an antique phone that I've been looking for since last November.  My sister took it off the self and said "Merry Christmas, it's yours".
Love her, she is so generous, but so is her husband, he told me it belonged to an elderly lady that had to move in with her daughter  her husband died.  It was hers as a little girl.

Here it is!

I will cherish it always!

One more item to check off my list to furnish my master bedroom to look like the Madison room.

There are two plates on the wall, I do have another to make it three and still have the one on the table, do you think it needs it?



  1. I'm confused. Below the 2 pics of the "I Love This" bedroom, there is a blank space. I think that is where your pic of your progress so far, on your own bedroom, was supposed to go. But not sure. :-)

    Oh how sweet of your sister! A special item you have been looking for. A yellow phone. Precious.

  2. YAY!!!!

    What a kind and thoughtful gift - your room is going to be awesome, Sylvia! : - )

  3. I love the phone!! What a special gift from your sister and her hubby.

    Jocelyn @

  4. Sylvia- What a great gift! I love that phone-it is just perfect for your bedroom. I think the plates are fine-if you are happy with the way they look -it is good! I am glad you are working on getting your bedroom just the way you want it- xo Diana

  5. I adore that beautiful phone. Very pretty.
    I also love having inspiration photos of a room I want to copy. I never really COPY the room other than get ideas and inspiration from it.
    I worked on my kitchen in our old house for about a year, with a copy of the room I loved, taped to my fridge door....
    you can see it all here:

    Good luck on getting your room the way you love it.
    xoxo bj

  6. What a wonderful gift! Isn't it fun getting gifts before Christmas just because they wanted you to have it? I love it! Your bedroom looks like it is becoming more and more uniquely yours. Thank you for sharing. So happy you had a wonderful time with your sister. Those are precious days to cherish.

  7. What a great gift for you! I love the room that you are working on. It is just so pretty. Isn't it fun to have something to lovingly work on?

  8. Oh I just love the phone!! And it looks so pretty sitting by the black hat :) Isn't it fun to redecorate? Love you, friend!

  9. Congratulations on the find. It is certainly perfect for your gorgeous bedroom. Wish I can have a bedroom like that. Looks so comfortable and chic too.


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