Thursday, July 16, 2015

America Rose is Climbing

This spring I bought an 'America' climbing rose and planted it to grow over my arbor. I am enjoying watching it grow, so I thought maybe you might enjoy seeing it's process. The color is so pretty and 6 blooms right at the top!

Here it is when I first planted it.

It has grown up the side almost to the top.

I also bought a pink hydrangea at the same time, I was hoping it would stay pink, but it looks like it may be coming back blue and that makes me 'blue'.  I love both but I already have a blue one on the side of my house.

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. What a spectacular rose!!!!!!!!! Lucky, lucky you!!!!

    Our roses took a terrible beating, with our last winter. -sigh- This year, we are thrilled to see just one or two blooms, on bushes we thought were dead.

    And please don't think less of your hydrangea. -grin- We (actually HE) grew them wonderfully for a couple of years. And they won't produce anymore. And he did everything, the articles say to do. -pout-

    So be glad you have flowering bushes. :-))))


  2. Such beautiful flowers, and thank you for sharing the beauty with us! Have a nice day.

  3. It's possible to influence the color of hydrangeas, it depends on the ph of the soil. I found several articles telling what to do, here is one: Good luck! Your roses are beautiful, by the way.

  4. Syl, your rose is awesome - and isn't it funny YOU want a pink hydrangea and mine all stay pink, I WANT a blue one and yours all go back to blue - a perfect example of we always want what we can't have....and a definite reason for us to visit one another! It DIDN:T RAIN today - first time in 18 days!!!!! SO PRETTY! Come visit anytime! : - )

    ♥ Hugs.

  5. A beautiful rose! So delicate. Sorry your pink hydrangea betrayed you by turning blue. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. I love your climbing rose! So pretty and pink! Also, love the especially! Enjoy! I've never had much luck growing them here...too hot I think. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with us!

  7. Hi Sylvia, love your climber. So pretty and your pics are gorgeous. I lost one climbing rose this year to too much rain. Your hydrangea is pretty to even in blue. Mine are huge and green but no blooms yet. Have a blessed weekend.
    Hugs, cm

  8. Such a gorgeous, elegant looking rose, dear Sylvia! You must be thrilled to have it in your garden! Oh...aren't roses the most delightful flowers in this world...? I dream of having a beautiful rose garden one wonderful it would be to walk outside and pluck pretty blooms to fill my vases! :)
    Blessing and lots of love to you!


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