Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Favorite Donut Shoppe

Can you guess my favorite Donut?

Yes, you guessed right !!

When we drive up to the next town to get our car washed, just up the road is a Dunkin Donut Shoppe.
A trip to it always delights me! 
So yesterday was our day to get the car cleaned up,
Wednesday is discount day!

Did you know that in 1950, Bill Rosenburg, opened the first Dunkin Donut shop in Quincy, Mass. It's the world's leading baked goods and coffee chain, according to their website.  

They sell 52 varieties of donuts.
Don't you just want to bite into this yummy chocolate creme filled delight!

There are more than 11,300 stores world wide and more than 8,000 in 41 states and DC....wonder why the other 9 don't get to enjoy these delightful treats!!

Boston Creme is my hubby's favorite..,
I think this is my favorite......

The Apple Fritter !!

Just look at those apples oozing out of it! 

And a cup of Cappuccino goes great with it.

Next time you see a Dunkin Donut sign, pull in and enjoy! You won't be sorry you did,  until you step on the scales.



  1. Hi Sylvia, I bet you two have a very clean car!!! lol (just kidding) There is one of these near our dentist and we always treat ourselves when we make that drive!!!
    John loves apple fritters and Boston Cream. I love the raspberry filled! Oh, I am hungry now!!!!

  2. Donuts look delicious. Wish they had a Donuts Shop here. Only can buy from the bakery at grocery store. It is not the same at all. Apple Fritters have always been special for my taste as well.

  3. Dunkin is my all time favorite donut place, and their coffee is my favorite as well.

  4. Hi Syl- you know DD is my sister and her husband's FAVORITE coffee in the whole world. They lived in Connecticut for years and fell in love with it. Then they were transferred back to Ohio (yay for that, thank the good Lord) and freaked out because we didn't have them here. But now we do AND the large chain groceries have DD coffee beans. So we all drink that.

    I have never had their donuts - I seldom think of having donuts because I make scones so often, but I think I need to try them. I like vanilla cream filled, custard cream filled and plain glazed. I don't like the chocolate ones, so you can have those! : - )

    I have my two nieces overnight tonight so maybe we need to go hit up the donut places - we don't have a DD near us, but we have Tim Hortons or Krispy Kreme, so that will have to do this time.

  5. In 1970-71 we lived in Colorado Springs in between a Dunkin' Donuts and a gas station. I remember that was during the gas wars....wish I had had enough foresight to take photos of the dropping gas prices...I do remember waking next door to Dunkin' Donuts and buying a newspaper and half dozen donuts and then settling in to read the paper...and eat lots of donuts. I could do that in those days. LOL

  6. We don't have them here, I'd like to try them. I always get a surprise at the texture of doughnuts, they are never as i expect them to be. those ones all look delicious and I like any sort of apple pudding.


  7. DONUTS... What are DONUTS????? ,-)

    Haven't had one, in years. Not in years.

    Not that I didn't used to love them. I did.

    But after not eating anything like that, is so long a time, I see and taste greasy fat. Which is good for me. Because I'm sure I shouldn't have them.

    Just me! Just me! :-)


  8. MMMMM, love the apple fritters too! Oh, I wish you wouldn't have posted those pictures. Now I am wanting some dunkin donuts too. Thank you for this "sweet" treat today! Yum. We don't have any of these out here in the forest...the nearest one is about 35 miles away. I guess I'll have to wait...

  9. Oh my, such yumminess, my friend! You have made my mouth water! :) Love and hugs to you!

  10. Oh my, I know it's not polite to drool, but that's exactly what I'm doing! I'll take one of each donut flavor and an apple fritter too! AND...a hot cuppa coffee! Yummy. We have a Dunkin Donut Shop but I try to stay out of there....


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