Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Make Each Day Beautiful

Make Each Day Beautiful

Sometimes it takes 
a really beautiful day
to wake us up to the wonders
of the world around us.
A blossoming flower,

 a sunny sky~

these are the only things
our eyes look for
and value as worthwhile...

But there is so much more
to life,
so much more to enjoy,
if we can learn to see 
with our hearts as well
as our eyes...

 To be aware of each day,
each experience,
as a separate wonder
of it's own,
to meet each challenge eagerly
and grasp each moment
with a sense of newness
and discovery~
this is what living 
is really all about.

Enjoy this Beautiful Day the Lord has blessed us with, before long fall will be here. I am looking forward to cooler air and the beautiful colors we'll
be blessed with.

 Be Blessed!


  1. Live in the moment! that is one strong message Our Lord has blessed us with! why have we forgotten it? Thank you Sylvia for those beautiful words :0) mari

  2. Thank you, Sylvia. Just back from physical therapy for foot, followed by chiropractor due to the constant wearing of the boot that has my legs at different lengths and my hips are paying for it dearly. And I am home to gete a few things done before I leave soon to go to my daughter's final wedding dress fitting - and I am scared to death because originally the dress came in too large (my Katie is really really tiny) so then the seamstress took it in TOO much............and it is so much more difficult to let it out once cut..............that dress costs as much as a decent car - so saying prayers and trying to see the beauty in my day.

    This was a well-timed post, thank you my dear sweet friend. ♥

  3. How true! Oh Sylvia, this is just what I have been pondering lately... We need to make each day beautiful by really and truly *seeing* the beauty in every detail all around us... Too often we get caught up in the excitement of big things, when there is a deep sense of joy in the simple, everyday things... Today is the day that our Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Smiles...
    Thank you for this sweet reminder today...I love your photographs! They are perfectly captured!
    Have a blessed and joy-filled Wednesday further!

  4. This was so perfect. Yes, we need to enjoy every moment the Lord gives us...savor the beauty and holiness of His Presence in the simple things of life. And oh, yes! Fall! Even though fall in Florida is not a big event like up north, we definitely look forward to some cooler temperatures and lower humidity! Fall has its own beauty here...and it lasts about 6 months! So I will not complain!!!

  5. Sigh...What a timely and fitting post to stop and read in the midst of my unusual day.:-)
    This week has been difficult for some reason, just missing dad, that's all. Funny...he whispered in my ear yesterday telling me to find something to do to replace all the time I gave to him, especially this past year. I guess I'm just lost for something to keep me busy. I'll get there...

    I live that walk way and bridge Sylvia, do you take walks there? Quite lovely.
    Your photos are so clear and beautiful.

    Thank you, Sylvia, for your sweet visit and tender comment on my last post, God bless you.

    Much love and hugs~ Debbie

  6. As I've grown older I've learned to 'stop and smell the roses.' I want to enjoy every minute of every day. God is so good and He blessed us with so much beauty to enjoy. Not just the beauty you see with your eyes, but the beauty you feel in your heart. Great post Syvia...your words brought beauty to my heart. ((hugs)) and Blessings

  7. We do just have to look around us to realize how blessed we really are, day to day. I love fall, and look forward to cooler days and beautiful colors. Goodnight.

  8. Hello Sylvia, thanks for this thoughtful post. Your pictures are really lovely.


  9. Amen, my sweet friend. What a beautiful and timely post :) May you have a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs!

  10. Amen... lovely post as always.. I love to visit to get a great boost .. Your so positive thank you for sharing Blessings Happy Weekend with love Janice

  11. A wonderful reminder, Sylvia! Thank you!


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