Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hope for Tomorrow

When you hear that someone has 'Cancer" it doesn't matter where it is found, Cancer is Cancer, my heart goes out to that person. My Mother had breast cancer and my husband had throat cancer just last year, so I understand what it is to deal with this awful disease. My Mother passed away in 1980, praise God my hubby is cancer free but still has to go every 3 months for check ups.

I am asking that if you would go to Bj's blog at Sweet Nothings and read, then share the link there. There is a lady Heather Von St.James, that was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2005 and given only 15 months to live. With treatment she is still here today!!  She has a mission to make awareness of this terrible cancer .

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Cancer is cancer, for sure. My first husband, my favorite auntie, my new father in law and both my grandmothers died from it. My sister is a breast cancer survivor we pray for every single day.

    Love bj and going over there now. Thanks, Syl. Praying. Hugs. ♥

  2. My sweet friend, you are so kind and compassionate and you truly inspire me. Thank you for pointing us to BJ's blog so that we can read Heather's story.

    Much love to you, Sylvia!

  3. A very courageous retelling of her experience. Her fear of leaving her daughter is one all mothers can relate too. I have never heard of that type of cancer before.

  4. I have a dear, dear friend in Wisconsin that has been battling mesothelioma, having many many surgeries, treatments and she is only 34 years old. I know a little about this horrible cancer from her. You are right, cancer is cancer and I pray for all those fighting it today, and those that won the battle.

  5. This story is quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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