Monday, May 7, 2012


Playing  around with dishes this morning and came up with this table setting with my "Blue Willow"

You can see the  "Pink"  violets peeking in at the top.  I bought them to take to my sister tomorrow
she has been sick and I am taking a "Basket Tea"  for her, but I'll say more about that in a day or
so., the violets just wanted to be in the picture too!

                            All ready for Tea!

I love my teapot and teacup  napkins rings!

This is a picture I got off an email that someone sent to me.  Just thought I would add it too,don't
know who to credit it to, but it fits right in!

                                          HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!


  1. How pretty, Sylvia!

    I love your china pieces!

    I am also very sorry to learn your sisters has been ill- hope it isn't serious!?

    She will be so uplifted with your bringing tea in a basket and flowers, how could she not?

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    I'm just now getting caught up on visiting. I wanted to tell you that you have a lovely blue tablesetting. I have the same teapot, given to me 46 years ago for a wedding present. I also have the napkin holders given to me from my cousin a few years ago. You are very thoughtful to bless your sister with the tea basket. Hope she feels better soon.


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