Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lunch with Morgan

My granddaughter,Morgan, has spent the last two days with me helping me learn a few things on my blog and on my new smart phone, which has outsmarted us both.  We didn't get to eat at the Tea Room yesterday, so today we went to our local, August Moon Tea Room.

My Precious blessings, Morgan!  She flies out tomorrow for a week's visit with her Aunt in Naples,Florida. This is her first time flying on a plane, but her other grandmother will be with her.

We both had a chicken salad sandwich ,brocolli salad,chips, and Mint Chocolate Tea,of course we had to have Strawberry Shortcake with whipped cream for desert. The batteries in my camera went out and I didn't get a picture of all we ate.

The Chocolate Mint Tea was very good! Loved the teacups we had for our tea.  See the basket on the front of the teacup.

Here's the stamp on the bottom, Royal Tudor.

The saucer had the design all in it, so pretty!

With the flower inside the cup, I love it when they put it there.

Don't you just love these cute little teapot salt and pepper shakers!

Have a Blessed day!

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  1. What a grand day you must have had with your granddaughter! I can't wait until mine is old enough for such a fun day.


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