Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Cool Morning Breakfast!

I love to eat out on our covered patio, especially when the mornings are cool....I'm doing it more ofter now.  The early mornings are cool but about 10:00 it starts getting hot here in Central Georgia. The birds are up early and singing.  I try to make my table as cozy as possible to make the day start out good.

This morning I made Strawberry Scones, Lemon Curd, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs, of course my husband insisted on his coffee, but I used my teacup. The stamp on the bottom says Fine China Japan. I had Constant Tea, one of my favorites for breakfast.


My scones turned out to taste great but a little large.  Are there such a thing as a pan that makes them turn out the same size every time?  I'd sure love to get one if there are.


I used my new three footed dish I bought at our church yard sale a couple weeks ago, for my Lemon Curd. 

I love the little feet and the cruves around the top and the silver flower design on it.

Have A Blessed Day!


  1. I love your silver inlay 3 footed dish. My father collected an entire cabinet of inlay pieces. You know I think they are all wrapped up in a sibling's basement, need to find out about that!

    Your breakfast sounds wonderful and looks beautiful.

    Yes there is a scone pan I have seen them. : - )

  2. That sounds so delightful. Wish I could join you sometime for breakfast! I love a good breakfast share with friends. Thank you for including me today!


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