Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Sister Doris' Garden

Last week I visited my sister, Doris, her garden is always a treat to walk around in. She's always changing things around and planting new plants.  Her health hasn't been too good lately and she is finding it hard to keep up.


She told me that this is a French Lace  "Twist and Shout" Hydrangea.

Here are some photo's I took.

  She has flowers planted inside the bed frame most years, this year she hasn't felt up to doing so much.  The old keddle is hanging just behind the bed frame.  Most of her plants have finished blooming, but there are so much greenry and different leaf colors that it makes up for it.

Pathway to the arbor swing. 

Old frog I gave my brother-in-law one year for his birthday, loves to swing in the breeze.

The Lady of Spring watches over the garden.

Her walkway in the spring and how it looks now.   The same flower beds but from  both ends of the sidewalk.

Early Spring


Hope you have enjoyed our walk in the garden today.

Have a blessed Day!


  1. Your sister's garden is beautiful. I can tell she's taken a lot of time and thought to locate all her plants. Thanks for the tour.

  2. She truly has a special outdoor space - I love the old fashioned windy path, gateway, statued surprises one encounters in beautiful gardens such as this.

    Thanks for sharing, Sylvia.

  3. Beautiful photos..

  4. My sister's name is Doris also, and she loves to garden as well!!Love these pictures...the hydrangeas are gorgeous. I am still getting started on gardening in our "new" (old) house in the forest. A lot of surprise flowers have been blessing me by appearing...surprises in that I didn't know what to expect when we bought the house in February. So everyday is a new adventure in discovering new flowering shrubs and trees. I love it!! Thank you for sharing your sister's lovely garden with us.


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