Monday, July 21, 2014

Special Girls Outing

Saturday on our way for a day outing with just 'us Girls', we stopped at a friends house that was having a yard sale. Well it wasn't her house, she was having it at the house of a friend. I fell in love with the landscape.  As we were about to leave, I asked permission to take a few photo's.

This is the house, isn't the greenery and flowers pretty!
 The house is pretty also!

The back yard was even prettier, but I didn't ask until we were leaving so I didn't get photo's of it.

The main reason we stopped by was she had told me that she had her china for sale. It was hers when she was first married, her husband passed away a few years ago.
You know me, I always, always have to buy anything with teacups,,,LOL! My daughter said "Where are you going to put them".  Well I have a very special place for them, but that's a secret I'll tell you later.

On the bottom it says, Noritake Ireland Patience.
 It's a placing setting for 6.

 I love the feet, kinda looks like a stand, don't you think!

The flowers are so pretty with a white Lacey look

Trimmed in silver.


I told her I would have a Tea Party and she wanted to know if she could come, she will differently be invited. 

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a lovely, lovely home! That china is gorgeous. I have an incomplete set of my grandmother's Noritake china. I cherish it. A tea party sounds lovely. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  2. You found such pretty china, and to invite the previous owner to a tea party using her china would be so special! I hope you take pictures and share with us! Wishing you a blessed day, too!

  3. Love this house! I am so glad you were able to find such beautiful china. Can't wait to see where you are going to put it. Hugs, Martha

  4. Syl, your new china is GORGEOUS and I sooooo want to come to tea too! : - )

    Had Mary D and Marina and the rest of my fav Indy STS ladies for tea on Saturday and a sleepover slumber party. Was such fun. Def want to post about it, as time allows. I am so far behind on my blog reading and posting, sheesh.

    Anyway, wanted to pop in and give you a hug. ♥

  5. the cups are delicate and lovely...

    and the house is a dream of an old fashioned home. look at that delightful porch! and all the pretty flowers. beautiful.


  6. My dear Sylvia, your china is gorgeous! I love the dainty flowers and delicate look :)

    And the house is simply lovely, my friend. Take care and enjoy your day. Love and hugs!

  7. What a find! both the house and the china! Such pretty china! I can't wait to see where you are going to put it! My wedding china is Noritake, "Thea" pattern I think...I need to look again when I get home. I rarely use it because it can't go in the dishwasher...due to the silver (platinum?) keep that in may not want to put it in the DW. But I love the delicate flower design on yours. So pretty. Thank you for sharing with us. so glad you had a special day out with the girls. Been praying for you.

    1. tells more about how to care for this kind of Noritake china. The rim is platinum, not silver. You may be able to use the dishwasher, but it would depend on your water type and detergent. It says to never use silver polish on the rim, and do not use it in the microwave. You may already know all of this, but I was just looking it up for myself since I have the same kind of china, (different pattern), and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy it and have a lovely tea party!

  8. Sylvia the photos are wonderful I love the brick stairs, I love most brick anything.. it looks like a lovely place.. and the China set is so sweet. Love the sweet flowers Invite me too.. wink.. have a wonderful evening. with love Janice..


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