Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Good Morning, It's raining here today, maybe the sun will come out soon and all will be bright and sunshiny again.  At least my Azalea's are blooming. 
OOps, I had a problem with Grome on my computer this morning, so I had to uninstall it. A page came up and said it was dead.  Has anyone had this to happen to them? So now I am back only on Google.
I don't know how it let me upload this photo I took yesterday of my azalea but it did. When
I tried to upload two others, it wouldn't let me, so this will be my last photo untill I can discover
what's wrong with Google Chrome or if I no longer wish to be stressed out with this PC.
Anyway, next week I would be blogging 2 years. It doesn't seem that long.  I have met a lot of great
ladies and have loved reading all the blogs and sharing with them.  I am friends with some of them on FaceBook and Google plus. I hope to keep up with you there.  This may be my last post.  Things are changing in my life, and there are things I need to change also, like my time on the computer. 
 My husband has  a health problem and will
need my attention for the next few months.  I need to be as attentive as possible and there will
be days at a time that I won't be home.  Some of you ladies have prayed for us and emailed me.  I hope you will continue to do both. I would love to hear from you.  I will leave my blog up for awhile so everyone has a chance to read it.
Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Blessings

Take My Hand

When the storms of life are raging
And there's trouble 'cross the land;
We can almost hear Him whisper,
Precious children "Take My Hand".

You will never have a problem 
That I cannot understand...
I will bear your every burden,
If you'll only take my hand.

When your trials seem much too heavy
And you feel you cannot stand;
I will be the crutch you lean on
Precious children "Take My Hand".

O'er the earth, My eyes are roaming;
There is naught, I cannot see...
Take My hand and look toward heaven,
Then just put your trust in Me.

There's no sickness, I can't conquer;
There's no storm, I cannot calm;
For I paid for all your trials,
With the nail-prints in My palm.

'Does not matter what you're facing...
You don't have to understand;
Put your trust in Me, My children.
Just reach up and Take My Hand.

I will bear your every burden...
I'll bring peace to every land,
If My children will obey Me;
And reach out and "Take My Hand".
Author unknown


Friday, April 11, 2014


No, it isn't October yet, or Halloween!  But there is a Ghost in my computer!  Yesterday Windows Security decides to do 4 updates and afterwards I couldn't do anything on my computer. I tried several times to upload photo's on here and on Facebook, comment, and do a blog but couldn't, so I kept trying, and little by little it's letting me do some things. There are still some issues but maybe this time tomorrow my little ghost will fix everything. 
 My hubby said maybe it has a bug! Uh Oh! I have heard on the news about the Bleeding Heart virus. Has anyone had a problem with it?  I sure love to hear from anyone if you have.

Be Blessed!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


As the snow melts and signs of life appear, we see a new and brighter day. Changes in the world around us. God's beauty abounds, we only have to look to find His Love and Grace.

Winter is a pretty season in it's own right, but I'll take Spring.  It reminds me of all things new, new beginnings, a new life. Everything coming alive after a long winters nap.  The beauty of flowers and the leaves arriving on trees again. So much to behold.

There are paths that we take along life's journey that leads us to all God's beauty. Yes, He will lead us if only we let Him, he restores us and leads us in the paths of righteousness.

He'll lead us  beside still waters.
Psalms 23

" Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."
Psalm 119:105

This is my hearts desire, that in some way or simple words, others will see Jesus.

May your Sunday be a Blessed!


Thursday, April 3, 2014


Like i said,  "I AM IN LOVE"!  Today I went shopping at Kroger and love their selection of teas!
I found one by Bigelow "Vanilla Caramel Black Tea".

I made Lemon Curd yesterday so today  when I went to the store and found this Tea, I thought "OK I'll make those Cinnamon Pecan Scones that I found the recipe for in the Tea Time Treasures magazine. Then I whipped up some heavy cream.   Got this idea on Tuesday when I visited the British Pantry Tea Room. Slice the scone,add lemon curd and then put heavy whipped cream on top. I normally have one or the other but both together was extra icing.

Yumm, you would have thought I hadn't eaten in a month of  Sunday's

Even my hubby loved it for an afternoon snack!

If you like caramel, I sure recommend the tea!