Monday, November 17, 2014

Good Morning, Friends

Good Monday Morning, blogging friends!

Enjoy the week, it's getting cold around my neighborhood!

Going to be 18 degrees in the morning!

Be Blessed!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Beauty of Autumn

Come go with us as we traveled to Pine Mountain to see the leaves. Yes, they have finally turned to a beautiful array of colors.

I hope you'll enjoy our drive. It was a long ride, miles over the mountain and then to the town of Pine Mt. and then through Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

Let's go!

I took so many photo's, but it wasn't too easy since I was driving. It was good that there wasn't a lot of traffic.

We stopped at Callaway Gardens Country Store for breakfast.

We sat at the window and the view was just as beautiful. You may not can tell from this photo but there is a deep drop  outside this window!!

After breakfast (which was at 10:30) we drove to the town of Pine Mountain.  On our way we passed Callaway Gardens. Love going there in the spring. I did a blog post about in the spring when we were there to see the flowers in bloom.

 Just had to run in this little 'Tea Room' and pick up some supplies!
I'll tell you all about it in a post in a couple weeks.

I love this town, it's small but has lots of great stores to shop!

I didn't eat there but did spend a good amount in the gift shop.
My poor hubby sits in the car while I shop. Bless him!

Ok, are we having fun or not!  

On through F.D.R. State Park to see if it's full of campers.

The office is made out of rock, if you aren't familiar with the history of President Roosevelt's love for this area during his time in office and the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia, you can research it online, you'll find it very interesting.

Ok, let's turn into the park now.
I do see a couple campers.

Lots of  Pine trees also.

Ok, I'm sure you are tired by now and it is getting late and I do have to get back in time to pick up 3 of my grandchildren from school today, I am looking forward to seeing them. I always love to spend time with them.

Have a Blessed weekend.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To All Our Veterans!

Thanks to all our Veterans who serve and fight to keep our great country free!

Have a Blessed Veterans Day!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Reflections of the Day

Today is my daughter's birthday, a day of memories and reflections.  Yesterday we had our family dinner,as we do for each member of our family when their day comes around.  It was a good day, with love and happiness that we could all be together.  

My 3 girls are a blessing!
They are close with each,which is also a blessing!
Gina made her sister a carrot cake, her favorite.
So sweet of her and thoughtful.
This morning it was 34 degrees! Brrr --cold!
I went for a walk mid morning anyway, around the yard.
I was feeling a little old   down, it didn't last long though.
Had a little talk with myself as I walked around the yard.

I hadn't gotten far before I heard my little buddy behind me.

 He always goes along on my walks.

 The trees were just about naked  empty of leaves, the winds from the weekend had about blown them all away, leading to a little 
more of my feeling 'down'.

 Now I know each 'Fall' they must 'fall'  to the ground.
Now don't they come out again in the spring, after the cold and months of staying inside has past! Yes! That's what I told myself.

 My grandson's had been playing football yesterday and had left it on the ground right where they were playing. Just like a 10 and 12 year old. I picked it up and carried it back to the house so I could remember to give it to my daughter later in the week when she comes to visit.

  Next to the back patio is my angel trumpet. I do love how they look like an trumpet!  This morning they didn't look to happy either.
This is how they looked last week before it turned  brrrrr-cold !

Walking on down to the back section of our yard where it's mostly wooded, leaves where all over the ground. The poor play set that my hubby and I built for the grandchildren, when we first moved here 12 years ago, is looking a little sad also. One of the grandson's told me a few weeks ago it's about time to take it down. I can't find the heart to do that just yet. I can still see them playing on it, but now they've out grown it and don't anymore.

So back to the house, I walked around front and there was my hosta's ---- The cold had gotten to them also

This is how they looked today after the 34 degrees the last couple nights.

This is before Mr.Cold Weather game to visit us the last few nights.
Don't think he'll be welcome again!

Settling down with a good hot cup of Tea will help. Waiting for it to steep a couple minutes.

There's nothing like a little reflection and a walk to get one to  want a quiet time to just sit and count your blessings.
That's what I did, I chose a Darjeeling Black Tea to go with my carrot cake, my daughter was so kind to leave me. Darjeeling isn't my favorite tea but after all  I bought it so I must drink it, right?

 My tea cup is Queen Anne, English China.
I've had it awhile but love to bring it out 
and use it.

 Wouldn't you like a piece also, so glad you stopped by,please come again.

Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy First Day of November

Happy November 1st

It's almost Turkey time!

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out and About

Autumn is a great time to get Out and About! 
The weather is not too hot or too cold.

Traveling less than 10 miles from home is also a
good thing when you have a great park to visit.

 I may have posted about this park before,
but it seems every time we visit the county has
made improvements. It was a state park but in
2012 it was handed back to the county.

This is what we found on our recent visit. It wasn't
here the last time we visited!

 Sprewell Bluff, about a 10 minute drive and so pretty!
This is the overlook before you  get into the park, The deck
and building was added this year after our last visit.

 By this time each year the leaves have turned to many
beautiful colors, but not yet this year. We'll keep a watch
and be there when they do turn.

 Big deck with the viewer so you can see for miles!

Now on to the park.  

Sprewell Bluff is a 1,372  acre heavily wooded park.
The Flint River winds it's way through it on it's way  
to Lake Blackshear. It is great for fishing, with
catfish and bass. Great Outdoors website has named
fly fishing on the Flint River as one of Georgia's top
10 adventures.
 It has 3 mile hiking trails along the 
river going up to the bluff.

Bird watching is also common since the forest is a stop
for migratory song birds.

 Picnic tables and two Pavilions are great for family outings, under
the shelter are along side the river. I do see a little leaf color here.

See the large rock the arrow is pointing to?
Children actually jump off it and swim! 
Yes, and adult children too!
Yikes, I wouldn't even it I was a teenager,
too dangerous for me. The rock is higher
than it looks in this photo.

I closed my eyes when my grandchildren did it.

Hope you have enjoyed our outing today, come along anytime. 
Next time we'll pack a picnic lunch!

Have a blessed day!